Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost and Found

I thought I'd cover up my last dreary post with some good news.

Remember that quote from Pirates of the Caribbean?
lt's an island
that cannot be found ,
except by those
who already know where it is.

Well, I have one of those places in my house, where I put Important Papers. This is a separate place from ordinary newspapers, offers, papers, bills. These would be bills that need paying right away, big coupons that need to be used right away. It is a very special place so that those Important Papers get acted upon right away. I know where it is - I can locate it right away when I am putting these Important Papers aside temporarily. The problem is, I don't know where it is when I need those Important Papers.

Recently, I have been looking for an absentee ballot. And the $40 coupons for the DTV converter boxes. Very Important Papers that were nowhere to be found. The sad thing is that both of these things are distinctive - the ballot is in a blue envelope and the DTV coupons are like credit cards and are bright red. They should be easy to find, if I hadn't put them in that Important Papers place.

I finally gave up on the absentee ballot, and found the form online, so that part is done. After frantically searching for two months for those DTV coupons, (you have to use them within 90 days of requesting them), I finally thought to ask my sister. Apparently I had taken them with me one day when I went out shopping with her and I left them in her car. Phew!

I went to Walmart because I am a cheapskate and proud of it. You'll be happy to know that I am now ready for the digital age. Of course, I wound up buying extra stuff I didn't need, but really wanted as well.


Donna said...

Ah yes, the "I'll never forget this secret spot" spot.... got a few of those. Maybe the socks hide in one?

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I so understand your searching. It just seems to get worse for me all the time. Been looking for fabric binding.... everywhere...... opened the towel cupboards today...and there it was sitting on the shelf! Incredible!!!!

meggie said...

Why do we do this?? It drives me crazy to think I 'hide' or 'stash' things - very safely- & can never locate them again.
I recently found some chocolates hiding in a tin of buttons!!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I've got my secret spots, too. I ended up making a secret list of where the secret things are put...of course, then you have to remember where you put the list! I lost my red coupon cards for a really long time, found them in the back of my address book! Then, I headed to Walmart for the $9.95 special, too. Different brands have different features and Radio Shack boxes apparently are the best...but they're $20 after the coupon ;( Glad we both found them in time...mine were two weeks away from their ending dates. Phew!