Wednesday, September 16, 2009


With my allergies being severe this year, I decided to give my bedroom a serious cleaning. I wanted to move all my furniture and clean underneath and behind everything, to evict all my dust bunnies, and to better organize my fabric.

While I had everything away from the wall, I got the bright idea that maybe I could paint.

Before I could change my mind, I rushed to the hardware store, and grabbed the first color, and a coordinating one, that looked good to me. No big project, no big decisions.

Now my bedroom is going to be pear like Melody Johnson's room, and the trim will be eggplant. The goal was to be bright and cheerful, although now I'm hoping it doesn't make me crave pears and eggplant. At least it's healthy food.

And no, it doesn't match anything I own, so I'll have to make some quilts and curtains to freshen up the room. After I finish up the million projects I already have started.


Allie said...

Our allergies are kicking it up a notch as well - I hope you find the time you'll need! Just the thought makes me tired, lol.

Beena said...

I have severe allergies, too. And it has been really bad this year.
I love the colors you chose for paint. So cheery. It will be fun for you to throw in even more bright color with curtains and other accessories! Please post pics!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Wow! Awesome brave! Hope your cleaning helps and you find a way to switch out of the misery of the allergies. I used to have them so severely, it all but ruined my summers! I can remember hanging my head in absolute misery! You, on the other hand, are doing things...wonderful things. Give yourself a pat on the back...but not while holding a pear or eggplant paint covered brush!

Terry said...

Eggplant and pear sound pretty together! Have fun redecorating! :0)