Thursday, September 8, 2011


I've been avoiding stores. Partly because I need to catch up with my finances from my vacations. Partly because I have been reading hoarding books and frankly, I don't need anything. I even managed to not buy any back to school supplies, even the free ones. That took a lot of will power.

But now it is birthday time, and I would like to get some gifts. I thought about buying online - even knew intuitively that it would be better to buy online while I only had birthday gifts in the cart. But I really miss the entertainment value of going to a store. So yesterday I ventured out to Michaels. Yes, I know, a dangerous place to go, but the gift recipient wanted scrapbook paper, and I had found the one I wanted online, KandCompany Que Sera Sera Designer 12-Inch by 12-Inch Paper Pad and it was available there. Isn't it so pretty, and it is two sided, which I thought would be really good so she could choose the side she likes, and since I'm not sure what she wants it for, she can make 3-D stuff with it.

Yes, I was tempted.  Since I used a coupon, I figured I could use the savings for stuff for me. I got some party supplies, which were on clearance and fit perfectly with my celebrate theme, and some beads for embellishment.  I also overspent by buying a large framed cork board, also on clearance.

The total was less than what I would usually spend, and it really felt good to get something for myself.  Now I can close the purse strings back up and tie them up tight.

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Allie said...

That paper is lovely! Good for you - it doesn't hurt to treat yourself once in awhile. You got stuff you'll use, nothing wrong with that! And HOW did you manage to avoid the temptation of school supplies, lol - my downfall.