Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy President's Day!

 You may be wondering what a Christmas tree quilt is doing on my blog in February, especially on President's Day.  Well, is because all of the presidents celebrated Christmas.

I just put the last binding stitches on the quilt, and the weather cooperated, so I was able to  photograph the quilt in the snow. It is cold outside, so I threw the quilt in the first open spot and quickly snapped a photograph.

The pattern was free from Diary of a Quilter. She called it Patchwork Forest tree, but I decided to use my holiday fabrics stash. I liked her straight line quilting and so I duplicated it, but of course I had to make it hard for myself and not quilt the trees so they would stand out a little bit.  I am still afraid to try free motion quilting with the new machine, so I twisted and turned the quilt every which way to go back and forth row by row. It was a fun little quilt to make. My finish size is approximately 18" x 26".


Allie said...

That is SO cute - what a great holiday quilt!

amy smart said...

I love it!! It turned out great. Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)