Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Scrap Quilt

I have started sewing the scrap quilt, and wanted to show you what I am doing.

That's all the progress so far.  I've called it Scrap Vortex but I'm not really following along with the directions.  The way I am making it is to cut all the scraps on the dining table into rectangles.  Now I am sewing them together by size.  While I am trying to balance lights and darks, it is only the size of the piece that determines where it will be placed.  Since these are rectangles, I do get to decide which side of the piece the new piece will be.

This methodology worries me a bit, since my favorite pieces are likely to be smaller, and the bigger pieces are likely to be the ones I have decided I am done with, although I did make sure I put bigger pieces I liked in the box too.

I figure that if I don't like how it is coming together, I can add bigger pieces that I like, or applique and embroidery on the bigger pieces that I consider to be ugly.

The plan is to use this quilt as a Leaders and Enders project, but it does take more time than mindless piecing since I have to find the right size piece to add.

I do like how it is coming together though. It seems very calm compared to the 365 quilt, which is a good thing.

Do you remember when I showed you my progress on the 365 Quilt last week?  Look at the seventh block from the left in the last row. It wasn't until I posted it that I noticed that the orange ribbon is upside down.  It surprised me that it took almost three weeks to notice that. I noticed it as I was about to press the publish button for that post. I decided not to fix it, because it is a rule breaking quilt. 

Then someone commented on the post and I looked at the post again to make sure I knew which post she was referring to.  It wasn't until then that I noticed that the off center circle was on the bottom left instead of the top right like I was planning to place it.  I took a closer look at that row and the glasses are also upside down. The sunrise/sunset circle and flower vase are correctly placed. 

What happened is when I added the third week to the previous two weeks, I knew I wanted to add to the red block.  But apparently there was red on either end of this piece and on the way to the sewing machine, the quilt decided it had other ideas and third week's blocks got added to the wrong red block.

Apparently, I broke more rules on the left side of the quilt than I knew! Yes, they are staying that way.


Preeti said...

That makes it just perfect. Now the quilt will be interesting from all directions, not just one. So a few rules got broken - perfect again because it was meant to break rules.
Thank you for your cute and funny comment on my Sun City quilt.
Hugs to you,

Lynn said...

I made a Scrap Vortex quilt too and like you, did it my own way. I used a bunch of orphan blocks then filled in with whatever pieces I needed so that the blocks would fit together. It was fun to make but it does take time to find the "right" piece for certain spots. Looks like you are off to a great start!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Love your scrappy blocks, and your circles - and that they're staying the way they are! I don't like rules, lol.

Quilt Inspiration said...

Hi Shasta, your 365 quilt is so colorful and cheerful ! How pretty ! And we love what you are doing with the Scrap Vortex quilt. What a creative idea. ! We really enjoyed reading all about your latest projects!
Best wishes, from Marina and Daryl

Cheryl said...

Your scrappy blocks are really turning out well.

Kaja said...

You may be breaking the rules unintentionally as well as on purpose, but your circles look fantastic!

June D said...

Fabulous work - a joy to see and to read about your thinking. Really is turning out well.