Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of the Year Recap 2016

Hello!  It's that time of the year where we look back to see what I have accomplished during the year.  This was the year of blocks. I feel like I've accomplished a lot this year.  I made lots of blocks for several different projects this year and maybe even finished a quilt or two.  Shall we see?

In January, I started off strong and showed you my four small finished quilts. Four!

Awards Banquet was my own design. I was using up scraps from the black, white, and purple Improv Quilt.

Dog Gone Cute is a pattern by Lorna Mahon from Sew Fresh Quilts. This picture and the one below it were taken in the summer, when the lighting and temperature were better.

Winter Scene. I made up this design too.  I was trying to clean up my studio, and using fabric that was not cotton.

Scenic Route is made with scraps of the Cultural Fusion quilt which will be shown below.  I don't think you'll have any trouble recognizing it when you get to it. I made up the design for this too.

In February, I finished these small project. I'm still not quite sure what they are. I gave one to my daughter as a mug rug and hung up the other one on my bulletin board.

Also in February, I finished piecing the Cultural Fusion top. It still needs to be quilted.

I also finally finished Cheddar Cheese and Crackers. It had been a UFO for too long. I am so happy to have this be finished! I hand quilted it.

Throughout the year, I showed you the circles I made for my circle quilt.  The goal was a circle block a day, starting in November.  Well, those blocks got stalled to get other projects finished, and then other things took up my time, and the anniversary came and went. This is just a few of the blocks to help you remember this project. There are other blocks not pictured and more made since this picture was taken.

Another blocks project is the 1857 quilt. This is the most recent picture I showed on the blog, but I have several other blocks prepped, and all of the applique has been sewn down.  I've been doing them by color instead of by block.

Yet another block project was the Adrinka Block of the Month.  This picture is the latest shown on the blog also. I've made more blocks since then.

In October, I finished making the Star Wars top. I haven't started quilting it yet.

In December, I quilted Daisy's Chickenpox. I will show it in its separate reveal post when it is finished!

One of the problems with having a recap in December is that it is too dark to take good pictures. This means you will be seeing pictures I have shown throughout the year instead of the current status of the projects. Hopefully this means when you see the next picture, you will be so impressed at the amount of progress I made on it!

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Lisa J. said...

Well Shasta: You managed to accomplish a lot this year. I am really looking forward to seeing the cultural fusion quilt finished. It will be interesting to quilt I'm sure.

Cheryl said...

Great accomplishments, I really like your finished quilts and your quilt blocks. Thanks for linking up tio the Best of 2016 linky party!

Kaja said...

What a productive year you had, and such a nice variety of projects. I particularly enjoyed following your circles - your take on the theme has been so original.

Melody A. said...

what a treasure trove of lovely projects you have made in the past year!!
Congratulations! and Happy New Year! from Iowa

Rebecca Grace said...

Wow! So many cool projects; I don't know where to begin. The Star Wars block is awesome. I love the zigzaggy one, too. And the picture of your dog posing with the doggy block is just about the cutest thing I've seen all day!

Karen's Korner said...

Some lovely projects started and finished. Well done.

em's scrapbag said...

You had a great year! Wishing lots of creative sewing again this year!

June D said...

You have worked on so many different projects, all with different techniques. Really nice work!

Tanya said...

You got so much done!

Jean said...

I found your rail fence and I love it! I want to do another one using fabrics with writing. I have the strips cut out but haven't made any yet.