Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Return of the Circles

One of my monthly goals is to resume the Quilty Circle 365 project. The goal is to make a circle a day, but of course, this project is about not following the rules, so I make them whenever I feel like it.


Block 201

A nice simple circle to start out the session.


Block 202

The reverse of said circle.  The theme of this quilt has become using up what could be trash. This is the wrong side of the backing fabric. I put tucks in the blue square to make it smaller. I like that little point that is pointing to the center.


Block 203

More "trash".  The center is leftover from the border of Pointless Puddle. I manually cut the gear shape on the circle. I have scissors that cut decorative edges, but they don't work on fabric.


Block 204

A Ringo Lake piece, with some extras from the drawer. The orange is probably from Lansing Leaves. These pieces looked like they were already planned to become circles, but I don't remember the planned layout.


Block 205


More Pointless Puddle border. A two color background for a change of pace. That cream is from the tile quilt, and the brown is from Ringo Lake.


Block 206

This one is a leftover from the binding of Adinkra. I included the selvage because I like the words "& pattern" and left the selvedge on the circle in case it wasn't rule breaking enough. I put a little bit of that background fabric in Ringo Lake. Just enough to add interest, since I don't want a lot of added busyness in that quilt.


Block 207

I call this technique "scrunch as you go". I wasn't trying to make a leaf, but I guess that is what it wanted to be. The vein is leftover from straightening out the background fabric for block 206. This is an old fabric that I have used in older projects, so it tickles me to use in Ringo Lake.


15 Minutes to Stitch

Since it is Sunday, I need to check my sewing this week.

Days with stitching this week:  7 out of 7
Days with stitching this month:  14 out of 14
Days with stitching this year:  14 out of 14
Success rate:  100% 

I have to admit that I had to stretch the definition of "stitching" on at least one of the days.  Ringo Lake has a lot of pressing, drawing diagonal lines, clipping dog ears, and cutting, so it hasn't always been stitching, but I am counting it anyway, since I made quilting progress every day, and since I am all about rule breaking!

Linked to
Oh Scrap! - the first couple of circles have a greenish blue in them, and there is lots of blue throughout the quilt. And it is definitely made from scraps!


Kate said...

Very interesting blocks. I like your scrunched leaf, that would be a fun thing to do with fall colors as that's when I think of leaves being a ragged and scrunchy. Congrats on finding time to stitch each day this week. I count anything that advances a project as stitching, so that means redoing a design in EQ, coming up with a label or cutting fabric. It just has to be something that's needed to move a project along.

Marti said...

I think I remember your circle project. The thing I like about quilting is that I make my own rules, so I fully support making a circle whenever the mood strikes.