Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekly Recap

I haven't been able to sew 15 minutes a day this week, as it is getting busy at work.  I marked some seams on Monday, but for the rest of the business days, I didn't do any sewing.  It is a matter of adjusting to the new schedule, but on the weekends, I managed to make time to sew.

This means I have to come up with new rules for my 15 Minutes to Sew challenge. In other weeks, if I missed a day, but made up the time, I gave myself credit. I have decided to keep this relaxed, easy going management style, and give myself leeway to make up the time, even if it means do all the time in one sitting. I'm not going to make myself sleep between sessions! I think it will give me incentive to do more sewing, and after all, isn't that the whole point of this, to keep making forward progress?

In previous weeks, I have been making both left and right sides of the sashing strips for On Ringo Lake. This week, I decided to be more consistent in a production line fashion and sew just the left sides.

I've even been sewing the bonus triangles. I like the challenge of working with these babies.  It works as part of the quality control step. If I am satisfied with the seam, I sew my seal of approval .

I think my quality control steps need quality control steps.  I'm not worried about these. I have insurance on this quilt, and cut a few extra pieces so I wouldn't have to rip. These extras can go into the orphan bin.  I have forgotten how many extras I made though, so some of these might need ripping, but they are short seams and no big deal.

Here they are all chopped up and ready to press. This a few of them; there are more on the ironing board. I am going to call this side done and move on to the next side.

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I might have to rethink this chart, since it really isn't showing me which days are better for sewing.   I might have to simplify it, but I'd rather spend my time sewing!


Tanya said...

I know how hard it is to sew daily! I have had "sew in the sewing room" on my to-do list but checking it off is another thing... why is it so hard to schedule in what I love so much? And also on my to-do list are about 6 quilts... but the list keeps getting longer!

dq said...

Wow! You really can't get any better than 100%. Great job. I hope you are getting lots done! I will have to browse through your blog to find out.

Kate said...

I like your thought to just worry about the overall time you stitch rather than on which days. Hope you got in some good stitching time this week. Thanks for linking up last week.

Kaja said...

I like your pragmatic approach to the 15 minute challenge.

Nancy said...

I so admire you for sewing those bonus triangles after you sew the first square to a corner. I think about doing it but never have yet. Maybe one of these days. This peach/coral/pink/salmon color range is one of my favorite. It is always a surprise to look at photos online and see that someone else has the same fabric I have, especially when it's years and years old. In your first photo, I have a yard or two or more of the fabric on the right. It is one of my favorite, perhaps because it has the cream mixed in with the peach. Love it. Good work with your sewing goals, especially with everything else you have going on!