Friday, October 5, 2018

More Sweet Land of Liberty blocks

Another couple of blocks are made for Sweet Land of Liberty.  This one isn't one of the better blocks, but hopefully it will add to the primitive feel of the piece. I didn't position the birds close enough to hold the heart and they are pretty far from the banner so I might leave them the way they are without adding their legs. I know the pattern has long legs but these legs will be even longer. Maybe I can add a branch that can hold the banner.

Some applique and embroidery are left to be done. I hate putting pins on faces, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I've also been sewing together some Circle 365 blocks to make a couple of rows. I'll show them to you when I am finished.


Kate said...

A branch would work very nicely or I could see a curly ended string as the link for the flag to the birdies. Happy stitching this weekend.

Allie said...

Love these blocks - and I know what you mean about putting pins in faces, lol, me too! Can't wait to see your SLOL quilt all done!

Karen said...

I just added you to my Blog Lovin' reading list. We like a lot of the same thing.

Nancy in NV-wheres the dude at blogspot said...

I like your fabric choices. Perhaps you could criss cross a string from the birds' beaks to the opposite side of heart. Just a thought.