Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Quilting Butterfly Wreath

I took a look at my current works in process and thought about how I wanted to quilt them. The ideas came fast and furious, so I figured I may as well start.

I added a plain border to the quilt.  I didn't have a fabric that tied everything together so I figured a plain one would work.  I auditioned a green, a gray and a beige in addition to the blue, and they all looked about the same so I went with the blue one.  I am planning on making a scalloped border - I've never made one, and this one is a good size - not too big, not too small - to practice.

The lozenge shape seems to disappear in this quilt so I have decided to quilt them to highlight them, a quarter inch from the edge.  I am doing them in zigzag lines across the rows and then back down the other side. I thought about maybe not doing all the rows, to highlight different parts of the blocks, but that might just be laziness so I have decided to commit and do them all.

That little purse holds a special surprise - some beads I will be adding to the light centers of the quilt.  My quilts do not like to be rushed.

In case you are tempted to make some of these broken dishes blocks, this video gives you some ideas about different settings you can use for these blocks.

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Cathy said...

I've never made a scalloped border either. I'm too afraid I'll botch it and waste the fabric! Good luck to you. What is the size of your quilt? And the beads sound like a fun addition.

I've been making Broken Dishes as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge block. Not sure what I'll do with them. Just making them for now.

Nines said...

I love coming back to older projects! Like finding little treasures.

Kate said...

Coming up with the plan is what always stalls me out on a project. Hope you've been able to make some good progress on your hand work.