Monday, March 25, 2019

Weekly Progress on 15 Minutes to Stitch

It is that time of the year when you get to see more progress pictures. It is a big quilt, so it is taking some time to stitch.  It is a large lap quilt, slightly smaller than a twin. I am making these deliberately wonky figure 8 shapes for the border. Some of the wonkiness might not be as deliberate as some of the other wonkiness. I am so used to working with small pieces that it is hard for me to quilt farther apart.  I will try again in the lighter areas, but for now, I am going for consistency.


15 Minutes to Stitch: Week 12

This week, I wasn't able to quilt during the weekdays, but was able to minimally make up the time on the weekend. I spent the time quilting more dark spaces of the drunkard's path quilt.  I decided to go ahead and quilt them all in purple instead of switching up the colors so that the spaces all work together as one unit.  I wish I had made that decision earlier because I could have quilted them more continuously earlier!

15 Minute sessions of stitching this week: 7 out of 7
15 Minute sessions of stitching this year: 83 out of 83 sessions
Success Rate: 100%

This time last year, on the 25th, I sewed 2 out of 7 days, so I am ahead of last year. Hopefully I can continue to stay ahead!

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Robin said...

It's surprising what you can get done in just 15 minutes.

Kyle said...

Maybe wonkiness equals organic. At least you're making progress.

Kate said...

You've had a pretty stellar year on the stitching front! Hope this week is as good. Thanks for linking up to the 15 minutes to stitch.

Allie said...

LOVE the quilting. Very organic. Have fun with it!