Wednesday, September 29, 2021

2021: Week 39 of 15 Minutes to Stitch


Last week's photo challenge was A Wild Animal.  This is a difficult subject for me, mostly because I take my photos when I am walking my dog, so I can't sneak close to any living creature without it getting alerted by my dog. He doesn't run or bark, but he does breathe heavily at his age.  I cropped this photo since we were so far away, but it reminds me of the Beatles cover even though the geese are on a sidewalk and not a street crossing.



Next week's choice is item of clothing.  This isn't my submission, but I accidentally took this picture of my blouse. I like how artsy it looks.

 I didn't spend much time sewing this week. If you remember, I told you a while ago that my oven stopped working. It came with the house and I enjoyed using it for decades.  I tried fixing it, and it worked for about a while and then stopped again. I did without an oven for several (mostly summer) months, but it was frustrating to choose what to make for dinner because "doesn't need oven" had to be an extra criteria. Sometimes you want something just because you can't have it.

I bought a new range, which turned out to be a full time job.I didn't ask for any special service and accepted whatever appointment they gave me. There were three teams of people who were sent on three different days, and finally one last person who knew how to install it, and the last team had to come back to help move everything to position. It also took four phone calls with customer service representatives and each of the teams called the manager. Each of these people told me something different, but I persevered and finally have it set up. Hopefully the range works well and I won't have to deal with it again.

The new range has different strengths of burners (simmer, boil, etc.) so I will have to relearn how to cook. The booklet doesn't explain how to use them so it will be trial and error.


2021:  Week 39 of 15 Minutes to Stitch

I cleaned up more of the sewing room this week. I also worked on the Tuxedo Vest, making the columns. I still have to do the trip around the world trade to have the squares be in the right space. I finished making the rows for a Postage Stamp block, and need to sew them together.

15 minute days this week --3 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 237 out of 269 days
Success rate  = 88%

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Sandy said...

Good grief. What kind of range did you get??

Libby in TN said...

Getting any help, not just good help, seems to be a problem everywhere. If it's not lack of people, then it's lack of supplies. I'm not sure our deck will ever be finished, though they have finally scheduled it in early October.

Kyle said...

The geese around here are anything but wild. Hahaha. Sorry you had so much to deal with concerning the oven. All part of the times we live in.

Queeniepatch said...

I see what you mean with the Beatles album cover photo!
It is hard to take picture of wild animals, just because they are wild and run away from us.
Oh, what a spectacle with the oven. I hope all is well that ends well, and that the oven will give you joy and delicious and easily cooked meals for many years to come.
Enjoy more time now for your stitching.

Emily @ The Darling Dogwood said...

We bought a new range 3 years ago and figuring out the burner strength (especially for simmer) is STILL a struggle. Hope that otherwise you like yours. I love the idea of the geese crossing the road like the Beatles :)

Angie said...

Loved the picture of the geese! We don't have Canada Geese around here, but they remind me of when we lived in Virginia and had a family of them in our neighborhood. Good luck with the new range; I know how frustrating it is to learn to cook with new temperature variations!

Kate said...

I love the geese and even more the comparison to the Beatles. Your blouse shirt is very arty.

Sorry for the ordeal with the range, that's just not fun at all. Hopefully you've been able to master cooking on something new.

Happy stitching this week.

Rose said...

What a frustrating time to have with your new range! I hope it lasts you many, many years.

Tanya said...

Your geese picture is so cool! Beatles indeed! Here in Japan not too many wives even have oven's as baking is considered a western skill. My tiny oven will gave me a casserole and 12 cookies at a time but the majority of my cooking is done on the gas range...