Sunday, November 16, 2008

Purple Parfait is Finished!

The quilt story:
This quilt was started in a class I took in September of 2003. I was still nervous about colors, and I had my sister help me. She asked me what I wanted, and I decided that since the pattern was Peach Parfait, I wanted Purple Parfait. I'm still not sure what parfait means or looks like, but I was thinking of something soft and frou-frou. I had already purchased lots of purple fabric - I made a lot of purple quilts that year, probably after this one - and we picked out the ones that fit the bill. We added some darker tones to make sure there was enough contrast. I had to find a suitable background fabric. I was not able to find any at Joanne's, so I bought it from the LQS. The only quilt shop fabric was probably the lowest quality fabric. It tended to bubble up when ironed.

The cutting was not fun. Each of the fabrics go into each part of the quilt. Yes, I did layer them together to make the cutting quicker, but I did not enjoy it. I felt like a rebel going to a class at the quilt shop with non quilt shop fabric, but I was happy with the color and fabric choices. We used the Easy Angle 2 and it did make the sewing much nicer. No need to draw lines! There were lots of leftover HSTs. Apparently it worked very well. Look at all those sharp points! I'm sure I must have had to redo some seams to achieve those nice points, and it must have been very easy or very hard, but I don't remember that part.

Putting the quilt together was hard, only because it was hard to get a good balance of lights and darks. The directions didn't say this, but it is best to make your fabrics an even stair-step in values. My darks didn't stair-step very well. And they seemed out of balance no matter where I placed the blocks. The quilt instructor had the same problem.

Preparing the quilt for quilting was a little bit difficult, as you know. I clipped a corner.

The quilting was fun and easy, even with thread breakages, and shortages. I think quilting free motion really makes a quilt. All those bumps and wrinkles give it life. I just hope nobody tries to psychoanalyze me by the scribbles I made on the quilt. I did a simple meander in the body. The outer border has what was supposed to be an S shape, but I like the result, even though it isn't an S. After binding, I decided the inner border also needs quilting, so I put on some scallops to mirror the design of the fabric.

Photographing the quilt is difficult. This quilt doesn't really match anything in my house, and it is bigger than most of my open floor spaces. Picture it draped on a white wicker chair, in an enclosed porch, with lacy curtains blowing in the wind, which show some pretty green plants and flowers.

It's a big lap quilt, big enough to tuck under my feet, and my chin at the same time, and all around me, and it is big enough to cuddle in. And it comes in pretty princess colors, so I can feel frou-frou while I watch tv.


Quilt Pixie said...

I love it! The movement you created through the value differences in the fabrics, the gentleness with yourself over the quilting, the "homey comfort of it all really and truly make this quilt sound like a well loved friend has moved into your home. :-)

COngrats on the finish, but mostly congrats on a beautiful princess quilt to lift your spirits.

Tina said...

hooray! you must feel so great having accomplished such a fabulous quilt. I love all the different purples in it. nice job.

Pam said...

Well -- it turned out very nicely despite all the trials and tribulations. I love the border fabric - I think I have some of that fabric. Is that the quilt shop fabric?

It is lovely and I can certainly picture it on a white wicker chair on the porch - while you sit under it drinking your Mint Julep :)))


Wow! It's wonderful!

Exuberant Color said...

It has a sparkly effect that you wouldn't have gotten if you had equal darks in every block. I like it.

Tanya said...

The colors are beautiful! I recognize one of your purple fabrics! I've used that somewhere! The simple meander stitch is very effective.

KathieB said...

It's gorgeous! I don't think anything in the is quilt is out of balance--sometimes you can audition block positions and get to the point where nothing looks right to you, when actually it all looks super. I agree with Exuberant Color.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

its a gorgeous quilt! love the pattern-


Library Gal Quilts said...

Hello there Shasta, Love your purple quilt! Who cares if it doesn't match anything...great art doesn't match the couch either:) glad I came by, and thanks for stopping by my place, too! Pam in Chico