Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Quilt Reveal: Family Flower

Silly you! You thought that when I showed you a quilt reveal last time that you were seeing a finished quilt!

I couldn't leave well enough alone, and added some hand quilting and added a trim around the edge. I like it much better this way.  As I told you last time, the leaves have the names of family members embroidered on them so I need to cover them up for privacy reasons. The trim makes sure people see that this is a special quilt that was worth my effort to add the hand quilting and pretty trim.

I need to wash the guidelines for the hand quilting (yes believe it or not I planned this odd angle), and I think that will shrink up the remaining excess fabric.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Family Flower

It is quilt reveal day, so of course it is dark and dreary outside that do not provide for photogenic pictures. But I am finished with this quilt, and am excited to show it to you so here it is.

I like to combine my passions for quilting and genealogy from time to time, and often thought about making a family tree quilt with names of the family members.  One day, maybe when I was working on Life of Plenty, I realized that our family was small enough to make good leaves on a flower.  I've covered up the names in order to protect everyone's privacy, which is a shame because I really like the font I used.  Besides the backstitches, a lot of the letters are accented with french knots.

I used fusible applique and stitched around the shapes twice. The needle kept gumming up with the fusible so the stitches aren't as smooth as they could be. The names are hand-stitched and chain stitches help show the family relationships.

Here it is on the bulletin board to show its relative size.  It is 12" x 12".    I wanted to keep the quilting stitches minimal, as I had seen that look on other quilts. Even my other two flower quilts shown here have minimal quilting.  But since there is so much space between the quilted motifs and the binding, the fabric did not stay as smooth as it should have been.  It looks worse in these pictures than it does in real life, but I may add more quilting stitches (and maybe some ribbon if there is a lot of excess) to smooth it out.

The fabric choice for this quilt comes from the one and only Glitter block I have made (so far). The original plan was to use the dark fabric for the binding, but at the end, I decided I liked the lighter fabric better.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July's Favorite Pictures

Hello! It is that time of the month where we close one photo folder and open the next month's folder.  Before we close July,  I choose my favorite pictures from the month to share with you.

I've only seen passionfruit growing in my own yard.  It grows like a weed all over the yard, since the fruit doesn't always ripen in time for picking before the frost sets in in this climate, and the fruit is fun to throw at others so the seeds manage to get everywhere.  It is like a spoiled child though, and gets to grow almost anywhere it wants to in the yard.

This year, we had a special treat.  We had albino passionflower!  I didn't know that was possible.  It did not last long, so I am glad I got a picture of it.

I did not plant zinnias this year, or much of anything else, and am grateful for the ones that did come back.

 This flower is not in my yard.  I like how the orange flower in the front looks like a singer on a stage with the lillies as backup singers.

I found this purple bear in the quilt cabinet when I was cleaning it out.  I like how he matches with my current project. Wait, is that a new project?

Even though my garden this year is weedy and neglected, the butterfly still enjoys spending time in it.

A better shot of the markings on the butterfly.

Another passionflower.  They bloom all summer.

Thus ends the July picture show.  I talked about cleaning the quilt cabinet earlier, so I figured I should show you. I finally got smart and folded the quilts so they would cover the whole length and width of the cabinet. Because they are spread out so thin, you can't really see and become intrigued by the piecing. You can just see color. 

It is an antique as evidenced by the cord that holds the glass in the upper section down. It is impossible to take a picture of the cabinet without a reflection. I made those curtains for the room a long time ago and I am still very happy with them. The top shelf holds CDs, the middle shelf is my pencil sharpener collection, the bottom shelf has the wall quilts.

The secret drawer holds the small quilts.

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I Won a Prize!

I entered a drawing on Badass Quilter's Society and won a Wingman Mini Laser-Cut Kit. It is a kit to make this container to put sewing supplies with a built in pincushion and pockets.

The kit includes everything you need to make this, including the pattern, fabric, metal rings, buttons, and the pellets to make the pincushion that provides the weight to keep it upright. As a bonus there is even a sticker from BadAss Quilters Society. Things like this are worth buying as a kit, because I think it would be hard to find the parts and pieces you need in the quantities that you need.

Thank you so much Maddie! Thanks also to Paula for giving me a heads up about the win.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Button Season

Ta-da! I have bound this wholecloth quilt, and added a hanging sleeve.  I have also placed buttons randomly in some of the spaces. So far, no duplicates.   I plan on adding more, so it is not quite a finished quilt yet, but am waiting to get more from Mom first.

This is hanging on the railing of my front porch. Note that the railing is now white.   I have finally painted the railings. I got help with the roof. I will work cleaning up paint spills and then staining the floor next.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Promised Block Pics

About a month ago, I promised I would show you some pictures of some blocks. Better late than never, here are the blocks I was promising to show you.

1857 Album Quilt

These three are from the 1857 quilt. The last of the blocks have been released, but I am way behind in getting them ready. These blocks have been prepped but have not been sewn down yet. You see a shadow under all of them because they are all stacked up and you can see a different block underneath each of these. When there is batting underneath, I don't think that will be a problem.



 Circle Block 191 

The reason I delayed showing these to you was because I thought I would be able to add to this. None of these blocks wow me. But I don't have anything new to show you.

 I have been cleaning and finishing up remodeling projects around my house. With my surgery, I did not get any chance to do any spring cleaning. I am also working on transforming my house and my life to be more low-maintenance.

 One day last week, I was drawn to reading an old post of mine. It was the first post from 2016, and in it I mentioned that I was working on following the book by Marie Kondo and touching every belonging in my house and deciding whether I should keep it. This has turned out to be a long-term project.

I have been living here for a very long time. I am not planning on moving, but the basic premise is that I am moving out of the house and moving back in without hiring a moving truck. What would I put in here if I was starting all over again.

One of the problems is I bought a couch as part of this process. And every time I pass it, it beckons me to take a nap.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June Favorite Pictures

It is that time of the month when I look into the June folder and share my favorite pictures I took this month.  I try to take pictures every day, although that doesn't always happen, and usually when I take one picture, I wind up taking several pictures that day. This month I found eight I want to share with you.

Requisite sky picture.   The striated clouds are interesting. In March, they identified new cloud formations for the first time in 30 years. Who knew there is a Cloud Appreciation Society?

Most people would probably discard this picture, but I really like the brightness of the yellow flower - just pure translucent color - and how the leaves and buds show all the little hairs. Sometimes the interesting things happen in the background.

Everytime I look at this picture, it looks like something is wrong - like two photos were overlapped or something. But this is a digital camera. The leaves just happen to form such a straight line that it looks like two different pictures.

This one makes me think of a secret garden.  The white flowers and leaves invite one to look further inside to see the pink flowers and whatever else is hidden back there.

This is a traditional picture. I like the combination of the white and pink flowers and all those little buds. They plant summer flowers at the school and they tend to look this fabulous after the school lets the kids out for the summer.

The weather has been pretty nice lately,so I've kept the air conditioner off.   Zeus still likes to stake his spot in front of the fan.

I like the shadow this bench makes.

There's a baby raccoon in the neighbor's roof! It took over the space after the squirrels were vacated.