Sunday, December 24, 2023

Quilt Reveal: Scrappy Cat Collage Mini Quilt

 I am continuing to make progress on each of my quilts fifteen minutes a day. It is a lot of fun to pull out the old projects and make some progress on them, but it is hard to put them away when the fifteen minutes is over. I've been really good about staying organized and putting the projects back to make room for the next projects. I think they will be easier to bring them back out again in 2024 to get them finished off.

Here's a quilt I finished.

This quilt was started in September 2019. I wanted to make another fabric collage quilt, so I collaged a bunch of little strips of fabric on some fusible. There is a link here with a mini tutorial.  I cut out some animal shapes and even eventually finished a camel and a giraffe quilt out of this one sheet of fused fabric.

This month, I am bringing out each of my old works in process and I quilted the scrappy cat  as one of the projects on my Youtube channel, Quilt and Color. 

I only did the quilting on the video, but since I was so close to the finish, I added the words and the binding after the video was over. This quilt wasn't on my list of quilts in progress because it was a scrap from the camel quilt, and not technically its own project, but I am counting it anyway. Like I did last time for the giraffe, I will add it with the start date of the camel quilt and the current end date.

 Circle Block 280


On another day, I worked on the Quilty 365 quilt. Since I have been showing closeups on this blog, I wanted to make sure I included them here. This one uses the background fabric from the Portraits quilt. The red is from Boundless, the blues are from Seaglass rooftops, the blue on the right and the orange are from Rey and the Death Star.

 Circle Block 281


This one uses the red and blue from Rey and the Death Star, the blue from Seaglass Rooftops and the green is from the Olympics quilt.

Circle Block 282

This one uses the green from Olympics, the background snake fabric is from the Portraits quilt, the light green is from the backing of Zou the Elephant.

 Circle Block 283

The red fabric is from the binding of Boundless quilt


Sunday, December 10, 2023

Bad Blogging but Good Quilting

 I can't believe it has been a month since I posted last. I have been quilting everyday. I can prove it because I have recorded what I have worked on each day and posted it on my YouTube channel as a part of the 15 Minutes to Quilt Challenge. It has been a lot of fun taking out one of my many WIPs and getting 15 minutes of progress on each of them.

You are welcome to join in on the challenge if you would like. The 15 Minutes to Stitch has been such a great motivator that I thought I would show how much work can get done, and motivate others to quilt for 15 minutes also. Here's today's video, which is Day 10.


You can start here and work your way back to Day 1 if you are interested. There is a link at the end of each video to the previous day's video.

I don't know how much credit to take for November, but I know that this week is definitely 100%. 

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