Monday, May 9, 2022

Quilt Reveal: Be YOUnique

 This quilt was inspired by a quilt I saw in Quilts for Kids Nepal. It isn't affiliated with the U.S. version of Quilts for Kids. I wanted to make a folk art peacock quilt.


I won't show you that first progress picture, because you have seen it twice already. I started with a background that feels Indian to me, and I added a green strip to add some interest in the background. I love that they both echo the shapes even though the mood of each fabric is very different from each other. 

The original quilt had piecing in the border. While I liked the idea of adding piecing to my quilt, I wanted to do something that would get me to a finish faster, knowing that I have only small bits of time to quilt this month. I am also working on a full size quilt which should remain my main quilting work.


I cut out the peacock freely with scissors. I noticed that the thick legs looked like the chicken or duck that I had seen in a folk art quilt and decided to let them remain thick. It would be easier to sew it down and it retains the folk art aspect of the quilt..

I cut yardage to cut out the triangles for the tail, to avoid going through the rabbit trail that is the scrap fabric boxes. Plus, I am trying to use the good stuff.

I added some applique around the peacock because I can't keep things simple. 

I echo quilted it. I knew that I wanted to add some bling to the quilt, but decided to bind it first to keep the bling from getting in the way. I have bling so I have to use it.

 It was scary to do since the quilt looked fine as it was, especially since it had a binding, but I like the crown. I put sequins on the wing and there are some on the tail feathers too. When I was looking for quotes for a peacock, the only thing that I saw was about being unique.The sequins on the tail certainly make it unique.

2022: 15 Minutes to Stitch Week 18 and 19

I haven't found time for quilting the last couple of weeks. We have been offered overtime. Normally they say unlimited, and this year there is much more work to do, but this year, we have to ask for each little bit at a time.

15 minute days these two week --0 out of 14
15 minute days this year -- 108 out of 128 days
Success rate  = 84%

I have a silver dollars plant that decided to have purple flowers this year. They are normally white. So pretty.