Sunday, September 27, 2020

More Additions to the Quote Quilt

We are down the homestretch in adding things to the Quote Quilt. There will be one more batch of things that will be added, and then I will look over the rest of the ideas and decide which ones have to be in this quilt and which ones can wait for another quilt.

Here are this week's additions.

I have been wanting to add portraits to the quilt from the very beginning. But I was hesitant, because my drawing skills and embroidery skills aren't very good. Would it look like the person?  Then there was the choosing of the people to put in the quilt.  Who was influential enough to put in the quilt? A president? And if that, would it have to be all the presidents in the time period, whether I liked them or not?

After Justice Ginsberg died, she just had to be in the quilt. She influenced all of our lives, and although I didn't realize it, I had been following her for a while. I saw the movie, On the Basis of Sex, and have watched several of her interviews online. As usual, the drawing looked more like her. That is the problem with copies, they degrade with each iteration. We notice that at work. When you copy an image from a copy, each one is more faded than the original.

I got the quote on one of the memes about her, and didn't bother to look up the quote until after I had stitched it. It turns out that it isn't her quote. But it is a good quote and it is staying on the quilt.

The quote on the right is my daughter's handwriting. She doesn't remember writing that. That coin purse is one of my first additions to the quilt, and I really like how it turned out.

Here she is again so you can admire her again. I like her setting near the Helen Keller quote.

This fabric is from the zebra print. I like how it works with the flower that was already there.

I had a scrap of Aida left after doing the moon, and figured it would work well to write letters. The quote in an advertisement I saw said "your story is beautiful" but I wanted to make sure that is what I want the story to be. I put the words through a search engine and found "your story is your power" which I like much better. It is a title of a book.

Last time, I said I was de-collaging and re-collaging, and it felt like it wasn't a real re-collage since I wasn't layering, so I did this with layers. The quote wound up not covering the triangle so it doesn't layer as much as I had planned, but it is staying as is. This covers up a duplicate quote that was already there and the darker colors will hopefully take away a bit of the every other block is muslin look.

2020:  Weeks 39 of 15 Minutes to Stitch

I spent another week of stitching more than fifteen minutes a day with the additions to the quote quilt. I have also been watching Craftsy videos. They are back online and are offering a very inexpensive annual subscription.  

I've had computer difficulties. Facebook doesn't always sign me in when I put in the password. I researched how to fix that and was told to clear my cache. I did that, and now Pinterest has lost all of my pins so I have to start all over again. Craftsy also doesn't have the things I had saved in past years. In the overall scheme of things, it is not a big deal to lose all the inspiration I have been squirreling away since new inspiration keeps coming, but it is still mildly irritating. Another thing to add to the 2020 log.

15 minute days this week -- 7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 217 out of 271 days
Success rate  = 80%

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Quilt Exhibit: Scrap Quilts


Hello! Welcome back to the Musee de la Grande Route.  You are in for a treat today - a showcase of a specially curated selection of quilts.  Presenting a curated selection of the scrap quilts Shasta has made. While there are many more scrap quilts in the Work in Progress Hall and more completed scrap quilts in the Repository, all of the curated quilts in this exhibit are completed quilts. I limited myself to 15 pictures to avoid overwhelming you. In this way, future exhibits can present additional quilts as the collection evolves.

In order to give you a large selection of quilts, I have kept my definition of scrap quilts broad, and am showing you all kinds of quilts that fit my definition of scrap quilts. Feel free to discuss /debate.

Mighty Matchstick Mansion is one that truly and easily fits the definition of scrap quilts. It uses scraps left over from making a scrap quilt. It uses any and all fabric leftover without any regard to any criteria. You can't get scrappier than that.

 The Rail Fence is definitely a scrap quilt by every definition. It uses a large variety of fabric, most of which are leftovers from other quilts.

Leftover Rail Fence uses scraps. Even though it is improv and not traditional,  the number of fabrics makes it a scrap quilt. The unplanned nature of the fabric selection and the bright fabrics make me think scrappy even though that doesn't really have anything to do with the official definition of scrap quilts.

Coin Quilt is a scrap quilt that uses a lot of different fabrics. While some are leftover fabrics (scraps), a lot of them were cut from fat quarters.



Simply Squares and the zig zag quilt on the right also use a large number of fabrics. All of the fabrics had been recently purchased and had not been used in any other quilt so they are technically not scraps, but purchased fabrics are legal for scrap quilts and I am willing to use that loophole. The zig zag quilt and its fraternal twin were made from a kit that came without a pattern, so I repurposed the fabric.


I Llike You a Llot Llama is definitely made out of a lot of scraps, so it fits my definition of scrap quilt.  But is not a normal scrap quilt with pieced scraps and most people would put it in the art quilts category and not the scrap quilt category. I put it in both.


Little Nine Patch uses scraps and I limited myself to the scraps that were in one shoebox.



Valentine Art Quilt For Swap are also made with scrap fabrics, and even some paper. The Bargello is made from a jelly roll. The bargello picture is from my blog and the photo appears wider than it is so the proportions are wrong.

The Christmas Trees looks like a scrap quilt but most of the fabric is old but not leftovers.


Butterfly Wreaths is made from a variety of fabric, some new and some scraps. Because it uses a large variety of fabric, it easily fits the definition of scrap quilt in my book.

 The Heart Quilt uses a variety of scraps from finished and unfinished quilts.The limited palette and the fact that  it is the background that is scrappy may require some people to look twice to make sure it is a scrap quilt, but I think a jury would rule in my favor.

The  Thirties Boro uses leftover authentic and reproduction 30s fabric from the yoyo quilt which is not finished. Another quilt where it is the background that is scrappy, but the eclectic nature of the fabric makes it obviously a scrap quilt.

This one has a wide but limited range and easily fits my definition of scrap quilt.The smaller picture is from my blog and this quilt was given away so it is nice to revisit it.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Many More Additions to the Quote Quilt

As the weather is getting cooler, I am thinking about the end of the year. I want to get the basement cleanup and the quote quilt finished by the end of the year and the cooler weather is motivating me to finish up. 

I think I should get the quote quilt top done close to the end of this quarter so I have time to get a backing. There won't be a lot of quilting but I will have to tack it down, probably by hand, and then bind it. I want to leave myself plenty of time to do that because it always takes longer to do than I think it should.

The zebra is from fabric that I have been saving for Elephant Parade's backing. It will need to be pieced anyway so I don't mind "borrowing" it. I was nervous the whole time I was adding it though. It doesn't use colors that I have been using on the quilt and it is at the top of the quilt, so it could dramatically influence the mood of the quilt.  Did you notice that it is covering up a (duplicate) quote? It is probably not enough to make a difference, but at least you don't automatically think of the traditional quilt layout if you start looking at the quilt. As I tucked under the edges, it took a more reasonable proportion and now I like it.

 I also added all those french knots to the fern on the left. Sure ferns have berries. The ferns didn't have a lot of contrast against the blue and now it holds its own attention better.I am going to outline the little bird so it has more definition.

Barbara Brackman recently shared a post with crazy quilts with portraits and animals if you are interested.

A random, I feel like adding a face here.

With all the new impulse additions I have been making, I decided I'd better look at the existing plans before I run out of space. This paisley was one of the drawings I had made.  The center is reverse applique, which I haven't done yet on this quilt.  Those french knots, messy as they are, got me started on all the french knots I have in the fern picture.

This was another planned one.  I'm not sure if these stones would stay in place in real life, so they may not be as calming as they should be.  I have resisted the urge to add words to them. 

These are just little bits and I may add more at some point. I added Ohio on the right. It is a pattern from Doodle Stitching. I probably should have embroidered it because it is hard to applique tiny wavy lines. The yellow on the left is from a tutorial of the Roll Chain Stitch Queenie has on her blog. My rendition is horrible, but hey it is a new stitch and adds a little touch of color to the quilt.

This fabric is from the zebra print. It would have been a good vase or basket, but it was tall and skinny and I decided to keep it simple. It was a collage, and I cut it up and added it in different places on this quilt. A de-collage and re-collage.

I added the flag and the spider wheel buttons. The buttons are from a tutorial from Aimee Ray's blog. She made hers into roses.

This is also from the fabric with the zebra. There were a couple of smaller ones too.  They were all pretty quick to add. I felt like the bottom of the quilt had more applique and the top had more embroidery, so these bits help add that balance. The idea to use this type of stitch instead of blind hem came from the crazy quilt video I showed you recently.

2020:  Weeks 38 of 15 Minutes to Stitch

I spent more than fifteen minutes a day on stitching. Too bad, I can't go back and change my numbers for previous weeks. I did make up a bunch of time.

15 minute days this week -- 7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 210 out of 264 days
Success rate  = 80%

79.5%.  rounds up to 80% in my book!

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Free Things


I've had lots of good surprises this week.

I had been whining to myself that other crazy quilters use bought and found things on their crazy quilts, and I am making most of my additions myself. The tiny moon I added last week is tiny and doesn't make a big impact but it took me a long time to make.

 Usually my local thrift store doesn't have a lot of textiles in my price range. I can buy a piece of clothing with a small piece of embroidery for $4.95 but I would prefer to pay less.  I went to the store this week, and found this huge tablecloth. It didn't have a price on it, and the lady looked at other tablecloths and told me it was $1.99. It doesn't have any stains so someone like me was probably worried it would get dirty and didn't use it as a table cloth. Some of it is even cut work. I love the scalloped edge on this so I am not sure whether I will cut it up. I might use it as a base to add more to it. I am not ready for a big project like this so it will have to wait.

Last week, I was able to watch a free episode of Quilt Show featured Sujata Shah. She said that she really liked the thread from Wonderfil. It had a special weight that I could not find easily. I checked them out just to see how much it was, and they were offering free shipping for Labor Day.  The thread was pricey but I decided to splurge and bought three spools. The thread is thicker than perle cotton but thinner than hand quilting thread. It came with this measuring tape and box of sample threads.

When I went to the grocery store pickup, I also got a bag of samples from them with my order.

Then to make things even better, I won an e-book from a blog hop, Doodle Stitching Embroidery Art: Move Beyond the Pattern. My prize came directly from the author, Aimee Ray at her blog, Little Dear Tracks. Thank you so much! I will review it on my book blog later when I get a chance to look at it more thoroughly, but it clearly has a lot of great inspiration just on the cover alone, and after flipping through it, there is lots more inspiration inside too.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

A Quilt for the Quilting Lady

Back in  March, I showed you the Quilting Lady I added to the Quote Quilt, along with her inspirational picture. I planned to add the quilt that my niece made me. I showed the charm quilt to you in July 2010.

I have finally gotten the charming quilt out to audition it for the quote quilt. Here's a reminder of the charming quilt.  The photos are better now with a better camera and lighting. The quilt is made out of squares of adorable fabric and is completely hand stitched.  There are little charms attached - two pairs of scissors, a thimble and a blue elephant. The quilt is upside down in the photo. The coral floss on the bottom left can be used to hang up the quilt.

I also love the fabric used for the back. The quilt is tied with the ties in the back.

Here is what the quilt looks like on the Quilting Lady. It is the perfect size. I just have to find a proper way to drape the quilt so it looks like she is working on the quilt, but being careful not to cover up the quotes.

I might let it cover up this side quote so people can flip up to see the back of the charming quilt and find the hidden quote underneath.

While I was up there, I got out this T-shirt I wore in my smaller days.  I cut out a motif to add to the quilt.

The orange is bright, but I think with enough of it turned under, it shouldn't be too much for the quilt. I haven't decided where to place it yet, but I will really have to make sure it is in a position where it will be pleasing because it will be eye catching for sure.


2020:  Weeks 37 of 15 Minutes to Stitch


I spent a lot of time this week working on the cross stitch moon that I added to the quote quilt. I showed you the moon and the other motifs I added to the quilt in my last post.

15 minute days this week -- 7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 203 out of 257 days
Success rate  = 79%

 I can finally round up to 79%. 

I hope you are staying safe dodging the virus and the fires and the smoke.


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Friday, September 11, 2020

Basement Cleanup Additions to the Quote Quilt

The Konmari method of cleaning of the basement continues. Each and every thing that is down there needs my permission to live there.  Since it is a storage area, there is a lot to look through and many decisions to make.

The latest box contained old files I put there to archive. It serves as a time capsule of  when I worked at my previous employer, was a foster parent, was going to court over child support, and going to school.  It was a pivotal time for sure, but none of these things apply to my current life so I shredded / recycled most of that. 

I might just take photos of some pivotal documents and write down some stories that go with them before they join the rest of the papers. This will take some extra time, and I don't know when / if I will be called back to work. I'll have to decide whether to take a break and write things down or keep going with the basement until I can call it done. So funny I am having this debate considering how much I had going on all at the same time according to that archive. I will probably do bits of both and hopefully step up the pace so that I can get to the end quicker.

What does this have to do with the quote quilt? Well, there were lots of recipes and craft ideas which I also recycled, but I did cut out a picture of a cross stitch moon that I decided to add to the quilt.

I even added the cute pink cheek, but I didn't keep the red border.  

There was also a head in the box. I have no idea why, but I am sure it was attached to something at some point.  I decided to add it to the quilt too.  

I went through my Japanese fabric to give her a kimono. I have a painting of a kimono hanging up on my office that my daughter painted that I see every day.  My daughter went specifically to Japan to buy the fabric for me during the time period in question. She may have gone for other reasons too, but I am sure they were minor compared to buying fabric. She enlisted the help of Tanya and it happened during the time period in question so it is a good historical addition to the quilt. 

I wanted to add her on the top half of the quilt, but she insisted on being with all the other people. There is no social distancing on my quilt.

Since I had that fabric out, I had an idea to add an eye to the quilt. My daughter drew body parts to perfect her drawing skills so it was quite common for me to see lots of eyes and noses and lips drawn on scraps of paper on the desk. Sometimes I would add my own drawings of eyes, noses and lips to the same scrap of paper. Somehow even with all that practice, I am still not very good at drawing them.   I also wanted a turtle so I decided to use this fabric instead of making a more realistic eye. This eye combines my drawing and embroidery skills.  I might add an eyebrow or eyelashes to help the viewer out in that regard.

 I keep getting sidetracked from the things I have planned to add, but I am happy with these additions.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Purple Feather

This video shows a wonderful quilt that represents a style of quilting I really like. I discovered it this week. It is a crazy quilt that has less to do with combining luxurious fabrics and more to do with combining wonderful embroidery and motifs.  I am not sure if this style has a name. Collage quilt might work, but there are many types of collage quilts.

This video is like a stitch-with-me.  A relaxing way to pass the time. At the beginning of the video, she shows what looks like a finished quilt, and during this hour long video, she shows you more things you can add to the quilt. Even though she does some of the work off camera, spoiler alert, she is not finished at the end of the video. There are other, previous, videos if you want to see more progress on the quilt.

If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, just seeing a few minutes at the beginning and a few at the end will give you an idea of its wonderfulness.

My quote quilt will not have as much wonderfulness as hers does, because I want to be done by the end of the year, and I have other house stuff I have added to my chore list.

I did add a feather to the quote quilt this week. Does it look like a feather?  I am debating whether I should take out the embroidery and add sharper Vs with thinner thread. It will stay for now and I see if it still bothers me next week.


2020:  Weeks 36 of 15 Minutes to Stitch


The week was a little bit cooler, which made our daily walk easier, and to be motivated to get other things done. I spent this week trying to whittle down the list of household chores. I also stitched the feather on the quote quilt.

15 minute days this week -- 7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 196 out of 250 days
Success rate  = 78%

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Another Week, More Stitching

This photo may look familiar to you, but this is a new pile of mulch that Zeus is modeling. They pile it here from time to time and then move it to the playground and spread it out under the playground equipment.

2020:  Weeks 35 of 15 Minutes to Stitch


I took a break from the quote quilt and made a small mini quilt this week. In case you missed it, you can see the 30s Boro Quilt by following the link.

15 minute days this week -- 7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 189 out of 243 days
Success rate  = 78%

My success rate can be rounded up this week. When I first started, if I remember right, the goal was to to end my year above 80. I might have been trying to beat last year's rate of 89%, but I think that is unrealistic for this year. The best I can do for the rest of the year is 85 if I stitch every day, but 80 is more realistic. With a rate of 78%, I think I might be able to manage 80.

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