Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Yo Yo's and Cards

I've been thinking about the yo-yo quilt I saw in New Orleans, and although I thought that recreating it in muslin would be striking, I figured I would get bored pretty quickly making a million yoyos out of the same fabric, so I have been practicing with some 30s-like fabric. I'll show you when I make more progress. So far I am just figuring out how to make a yo yo that looks good using the clover yoyo maker. I've watched a video and realized my mistake so I think I should be good to go now.

Instead of yo-yos, I figured I would show you some more cards I made this week.

Friday, May 10, 2019

More Rails and OCAD

I am late in posting my week's progress, but better late than never.

15 Minutes to Stitch

I am doing two ongoing projects. One is the 15 minutes to stitch whereby I try to stitch for 15 minutes a day.  Last week, I worked on three different projects. One was sewing more rail fence blocks. I also worked on my genealogy scrapbook, which is mostly paper but does involve sewing. I was showing a friend at work my book of quilts, and she asked me to make one for her, so I looked for fabric on sale. She designed the quilt and I spent some time figuring out the math to make it the size she wanted.

15 Minute sessions of stitching this week: 7 out of 7

In making this report, I see  have been negligent in reporting my progress.  I was looking at 111 total sessions, but it's been 125 days. I don't know how much sewing I have done in those missing 14 days. I know I have been trying to sew every day, but I also know I've missed days. To keep myself honest, I will take credit for half the time.

15 Minute sessions of stitching this year: 107 out of 125 sessions
Success Rate: 86%

 My 2018 end of the year average was 85% and I hope to beat that this year, so I am still on course for this year

One Card a Day

In my last post, I talked about the one card a day that starts in June. 

Being the rule follower that I am, I have already started these little cards.

Just having fun and being playful. I don't think of it as making art, but just having fun putting something on these small index cards.

Here are some cards, all together. The first one is watercolor only, the second one is watercolor and marker, and the third one was marker only.

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

One Card A Day

Daisy Yellow has been hosting the One Card a Day challenge every year for eight years.  The goal is to do something artsy on an index card every day for a couple of months.  It is something small and simple that can stretch your artistic abilities and reduce stress.  Making only one index card and for only two months makes the project much more manageable.

I've been thinking about joining, and have made a few index cards over the years, but this year, I will try to actually make an index card every day.  I might even post them here from time to time, but not every single day because that makes the challenge more daunting, and adds pressure to make something pretty or blog worthy instead of just fun. 

Having made a few cards, I can tell you the volume and variety of the cards that makes them interesting, Just like a whole sampler quilt is better than the sum of its blocks.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Favorite Pictures From April

It is that time of the month when I look through my photos I have taken throughout the month and share my favorites with you.  As usual for this time of the year, the theme tends to be springtime. I like how the lilac blooms look against the dandelion background.

It has been raining a lot so it is always a special treat when the sky is blue, and the wonderful puff clouds add so much interest for me.

This evening was really strange, there was a clear space around the moon, but everywhere else was clouds.

I like the pink against the brick.

And the shades of white. These trees are all blooming and they all look magnificent even though they make so many of us sneeze.

I like the pink against the gray too.

A closeup of the white blossoms against the puffy clouds in the sky. 

15 Minutes to Stitch: Week 17

I didn't make any progress last week, but this week, I made two diamond mini quilts that I showed you in my last post and also sewed some more rail fence blocks. 

15 Minute sessions of stitching this week: 7 out of 14
15 Minute sessions of stitching this year: 100 out of 118 sessions

Success Rate: 85%

Thursday, April 25, 2019

My Diamonds for the Be a Diamond Blog Hop

It's my day to present my rendition of a diamond for the Be A Diamond Blog Hop.
I have to say I am really nervous. Normally when I am expecting company, I thoroughly clean the house, hide all the incriminating evidence, and make the best, labor intensive dishes so you will think of me as a fine, upstanding person who is worthy of being in your community.

However, today, that's not how I am presenting myself. I am sitting in my sweatpants, letting it all hang out, and letting you see the inner workings of my mind. If you are all dressed up in your fancy jewelry for this diamond blog hop, maybe you had better to visit one of the other presenters for the hop.

The rules were:
Make a project with a diamond block on it.
It can be a mug rug, pot holder, mini quilt, baby quilt, bag, etc.

Here's the list of diamond makers:
April 22
April 23
April 24
Today - April 25
April 26

You can find all the projects on the Be A Diamond Pinterest page HERE

My Diamonds 

After I was done having a discussion with myself for volunteering to join a hop during peak season at work, we came to a compromise.  I would make one small simple diamond quilt. No multiple diamonds, no big project. Just a small thing to hang on the bulletin board.  And with only one diamond, there aren't a lot of options so I was very literal.  I made a diamond quilt. The goal was to make something quick and easy without doing a lot of agonizing over choices. I even used fabric that is reserved for another quilt I am making. The challenge was to do it in the fifteen minutes I had available to quilt. This quilt took more than one session because of some mistakes I made in drawing.

My list of quilts to make includes a quilt that isn't square or rectangular, so this quilt does help with that. It isn't as nice as I would like, but I think it serves as a good prototype for future ideas.

After I finished that one, I decided to try again with the leftover triangles I had from the first quilt.   I really like this lacy fabric I got from Nann, so I made another literal diamond quilt. I just placed the triangles raw edge on the quilt sandwich. I used some of the embroidery stitches from my machine. The lacy fabric has some lacy embroidery stitches and the white has straight stitches. There is a diamond stitch around the quilt to secure the raw edges.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Be a Diamond Blog Hop

It's the first day of the Be A Diamond Blog Hop.
I am working up until the last minute to make my diamond quilt, mostly because of a late start and some incorrect drawings. Please be sure to come back on Thursday, the 25th to see what I came up with. 
I am looking forward to the ways different quilters interpret this challenge, and I am sure that this blog hop will be very inspiring.  While you are waiting for me, look over there!
The rules were:
Make a project with a diamond block on it.
It can be a mug rug, pot holder, mini quilt, baby quilt, bag, etc.

Here's the list of diamond makers:
Today - April 22
April 23
April 24
April 25
April 26
You can find all the projects on the Be A Diamond Pinterest page HERE

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Quilt Reveal: Bunny Parade

I finished this quilt in March, but since I expected to have a poor showing for April, I decided to wait for the quilt reveal in April. It is a simple modern quilt, but you know me, I can't leave genealogy mysteries alone, so I added faces to each of the bunnies. They have rose beads for eyes.

This is a free pattern from Moda Bakeshop called Bunny Quartet. The designer of the pattern also provided a tutorial for a carrot on her blog, which I used as you can tell from the photos.  So my bunnies are a trio and not a quartet. She changed the name to Easter Parade, but since I have Elephant Parade quilt in the works, I am going to call it Bunny Parade.

I had some laces out so I decided to have fun with a little photo shoot.

It was fun to make this little quick quilt.

The zig zag quilting in the border is supposed to mimic grass and the spiral quilting in the sashing is supposed to look like springs to represent the bunnies hopping up and down, like Tigger.

I even added hanging corners!