Tuesday, June 8, 2021

2021: Week 23 of 15 Minutes to Stitch



2021:  Week 23 of 15 Minutes to Stitch

If you recall from my last post, the Amalfi Coast quilt changed sizes between the time I was measuring and cutting the inner border fabric and the time I sewed that inner border fabric to the side of the quilt. I put the Amalfi Coast quilt on a timeout because it needed some time to think about what it had done. By the way, Barbara Brackman did a post about the quilt block. Apparently it is called housetop and not rooftop, so it is a good thing I am calling the quilt Amalfi Coast.

While it is in timeout, I have focused my attention on the Quote Quilt. I have been reading Rhonda Dort's instructions on how to make a hexagon crazy quilt and she recommended a particular kind of stabilizer, which I bought for that quilt. I haven't started the hexagon crazy quilt or the million other quilts I want to start because of my lack of time, and because there still have enough momentum in the quilts that have already been started to continue to move them along.



Anyway, I decided to add some of that stabilizer to the back of the heavier parts of the Quote quilt - the booklet and the quilter. I need to sew more of it to secure it on before sandwiching. I also made the decision to use a dark blue backing fabric instead of the sheet/interfacing combination I have already prepared. That sheet which already has the interfacing fused on will become a Kawandi quilt once I am ready to start new projects.

15 minute days this week --2 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 142 out of 157 days
Success rate  = 90%

What a big drop from 93% to 90%! Last year at this time, I was at 91%, so I am not too far behind. My work schedule is dramatically opening up again so I don't think I will have any trouble with catching up.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

2021: Week 22 of 15 Minutes to Stitch



We are in the heat of peak season here at work, so quilting time is severely limited. But since I am working from home, I realized I could take my 15 minute breaks and use one of them for quilting!  The 15 minutes is less than 15 minutes because it includes a bathroom break and commute time back and forth to my desk, but it is only fair, since the time we count for work also includes breaks. Normally, 15 minutes of quilting winds up being more than 15 minutes when I am on a roll, but then, work does go over sometimes too as it takes time to close up everything.

2021:  Week 22 of 15 Minutes to Stitch


I added the two rows of sashing to the Amalfi quilt, formerly known as Seaglass Rooftops. I also measured and cut the inner border strips.  I sewed a side of the inner border, but it was too small (did I stretch the fabric when I was measuring?), so one of my breaks was used for ripping.

15 minute days this week --7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 140 out of 150 days
Success rate  = 93%

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