Sunday, June 26, 2022

Jazzy Blues Blocks


I've been cutting, sewing, pressing, counting, cutting, sewing and pressing the last three weeks even though I haven't been posting. I am close to being done with three months worth of blocks in the Aunt Daisy quiltalong. The most time-consuming are the double flying geese, and I just have a few more to make. I don't have enough fabric to make four at a time, but I do have enough to make one at a time ones, and I only need two or three. I have enough quarter square blocks. I haven't counted the four patch, but I cut the number of strips I was told to cut, and sewed them all up, so there may be some extras. The next batch will be HSTs so they will go pretty quickly.

2022: 15 Minutes to Stitch Week 22, 25, 26


15 minute days these three weeks --21 out of 21
15 minute days this year -- 136 out of 177 days
Success rate  = 77%

These three weeks helped increase the rate and hopefully I will be able to increase it even more this summer.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Park of Roses

I took some weekend time off from work and went to the Park of Roses with my family. It was a lovely day and many roses were in full bloom. These tiny roses made a very nice hedge.

These Flower Girl roses were bundled quite nicely for a wedding.

This is a Dawn Redwood. It is the tree I chose with just a picture of a young tree and a couple of reviews. It has really soft leaves. This is a really old tree. I don't think my backyard tree will get this big in my lifetime.


2022: 15 Minutes to Stitch Week 23

I made time to work with fabric this week. Since I only had little bits of time, I simply continued with the trimming of the flying geese I did before the lull. All the geese have been trimmed now and I did sew a few into pairs. We won't mention that the flying geese were the month one block, and we are now several months into the blocks. I am not worried about it. I knew when I chose to join this BOM that I would not be able to keep up, and chose to make a big quilt anyway because I think that is the best way to showcase this block combination.

15 minute days these three weeks --7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 115 out of 156 days
Success rate  = 74%

During the lull, I bought some fabric. I didn't have the same number of pieces of fabric as there are blocks in the quilt. Although I know that I can use the leftover fabric for the remaining blocks, I really wanted to make sure I had the flexibility of using a separate fabric for the remaining blocks, so I found some on sale. It was a big relief. I know that the quilt will be fine with whatever solution I worked out, but having extra fabric gave me extra options of making this big quilt the best I could make.

I also some backing fabric for the Sunshine in Winter quilt and a few extra pieces because they were on sale.

Unfortunately, the package never made it. I got an email that it was delivered, but when I went out to look for it, it was not there. I don't know if the post office didn't deliver it or if a porch pirate got to it first, but several of my neighbors were out and nobody saw a delivery or a porch pirate. Since they were sale fabrics, they were out of stock when I tried to repurchase them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

2022: 15 Minutes to Stitch Weeks 20, 21, and 22


2022: 15 Minutes to Stitch Weeks 20, 21, and 22

I haven't found time for quilting the last few weeks, so here is another sorry report. I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you. We still have lots of available overtime and lots of work that makes us feel obligated to do the overtime. There is more yard work.

15 minute days these three weeks --0 out of 21
15 minute days this year -- 108 out of 149 days
Success rate  = 72%

I think this is a record low since I joined the challenge, and things do not look very promising for the next month, but I am getting better at balancing my time so there will be some positive numbers for this coming weekend. The Memorial Day holiday helped. There was a graduation and a memorial day picnic. We planted a tree in my back yard and put Zeus' ashes underneath it. I planted a few vegetables, and added watering them to my calendar to give me a better chance of having a good harvest this year.