Sunday, June 5, 2022

Park of Roses

I took some weekend time off from work and went to the Park of Roses with my family. It was a lovely day and many roses were in full bloom. These tiny roses made a very nice hedge.

These Flower Girl roses were bundled quite nicely for a wedding.

This is a Dawn Redwood. It is the tree I chose with just a picture of a young tree and a couple of reviews. It has really soft leaves. This is a really old tree. I don't think my backyard tree will get this big in my lifetime.


2022: 15 Minutes to Stitch Week 23

I made time to work with fabric this week. Since I only had little bits of time, I simply continued with the trimming of the flying geese I did before the lull. All the geese have been trimmed now and I did sew a few into pairs. We won't mention that the flying geese were the month one block, and we are now several months into the blocks. I am not worried about it. I knew when I chose to join this BOM that I would not be able to keep up, and chose to make a big quilt anyway because I think that is the best way to showcase this block combination.

15 minute days these three weeks --7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 115 out of 156 days
Success rate  = 74%

During the lull, I bought some fabric. I didn't have the same number of pieces of fabric as there are blocks in the quilt. Although I know that I can use the leftover fabric for the remaining blocks, I really wanted to make sure I had the flexibility of using a separate fabric for the remaining blocks, so I found some on sale. It was a big relief. I know that the quilt will be fine with whatever solution I worked out, but having extra fabric gave me extra options of making this big quilt the best I could make.

I also some backing fabric for the Sunshine in Winter quilt and a few extra pieces because they were on sale.

Unfortunately, the package never made it. I got an email that it was delivered, but when I went out to look for it, it was not there. I don't know if the post office didn't deliver it or if a porch pirate got to it first, but several of my neighbors were out and nobody saw a delivery or a porch pirate. Since they were sale fabrics, they were out of stock when I tried to repurchase them.


Nancy said...

I haven't thought about the Park of Roses in a while. They used to have a great festival every year but probably haven't for a few years. Maybe I'll try to get up there soon.
That's too sad about the non-delivery of your fabric. Do you have any recourse with the fabric company or the post office to be reimbursed? What company did you buy it from? I'm always looking for quality fabrics on sale!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I hope whoever got your package will get it to you. I only tried to claim once on the insurance when I mailed a package that didn't arrive (and they said it had been delivered) and it magically appeared 2 days after I filed the claim.

Kyle said...

Hopefully, your package will show up. More honest folks than not.

Rose said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your fabric. I had a package that went astray from Amazon about 10 days ago, that said it had been delivered. Amazon just replaced it. I am not sure where it went but whoever kept it, I bet they did not need what was in it.

I am glad you got time to sew!

Kate said...

So sorry about the missing fabric delivery. Did you follow up with the post office? I had an order from Connecting Threads that I didn't get for over a month, so I canceled and reordered. The box finally showed up open, about a month after that.

Glad you've gotten bits and pieces of sewing time. It's hard when you've got a busy work schedule. Hope this is a better week on all fronts.

Queeniepatch said...

Wonderful roses!

Tanya said...

The roses are blooming here too though we don't have any in our garden. Sorry to hear about the missing fabric! I hope if the package was mistakenly delivered, whoever got it will get in touch with somebody and you'll eventually receive it.