Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quilt Show

I was busy working and keeping up with the housework and yard work when I noticed on my calendar that the NQA is having their annual quilt show this weekend.  I debated going.  After all, I haven't done anything quilting related in more than a month.  I have have flipped through a book or a magazine or a blog post here and there, but for the most part, I've been too busy for quilting.  Besides, I have plenty of ideas and fabric at home to keep me going for my entire lifetime and then some.

sorry sideways - click on it to see quilted names and dates
Then I decided that I've been busy working, at work, and at home, that I need a break.  Maybe it would recharge my energy for work, and maybe even quilting.  So, I put my comfortable shoes on, and I went.

There were a lot of people looking at quilts, so I decided to go to the vendor area first.  I noticed that there were more than the usual number of shops that sold crazy quilting embellishments.  Or maybe I just am drawn to them.  I noticed that wool is super expensive.  I am going to have to scour some thrift stores when I am ready for that commitment.

Diamond anniversary - I talked with the recipient of this quilt.
I had lunch. Sitting down felt really good.  I have been walking everyday, so while the rest of my body was completely fine with the walking, my feet were telling me there was a problem. The cement floor is awful for walking.  There were a couple of places in the vendor area that were selling comfort - back rests and massaging pillows.  I thought that was very clever, since people are probably uncomfortable with so much walking.

I went back into the convention hall to look at the quilts.  By this time the crowd was in the vendor area, so I had plenty of space to take pictures for the most part.  I had bought a tiny lamp with a lamp shade (the store sample had a beautiful crazy quilted cover on the lamp shade), and I had to carry the bag outside my back pack to avoid crushing it, so it was hanging off my wrist, so I had to wait for the bag to keep swinging so I could take the picture, but it worked out all right.

What did I notice about the quilts?  There were very few bed quilts, and lots of small quilts - the 12 x 12  variety.  I know there was a display for the Alliance quilts, which require that size, but other areas also had smaller quilts. There were several quilts which had circles quilted on them.  Embellished quilts aren't as popular as they were in previous years, especially beaded ones.  There were some three dimensional quilts though.    I also noticed several quilts that combined quilting with genealogy.  There was one with family photographs.  One which quilted family names and dates.  One for a diamond anniversary also had names embroidered on the front, with more names on the back.  There were also a couple of series where a group got together to make quilts that go together - following a road or a river, etc. 

The quilts on the is post are all somehow related to providing genealogy information.  (Well the first one just has a first name, but maybe there is more info on the back).  I will post more pictures later.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sorry I hadn't realized how long it had been since I posted.  You were stuck looking at pictures of empty black flats.  Not a very attractive sight.  I decided to show you a prettier picture of the flowers I planted.

My daughter is back home from school and has settled in nicely.  She helped me clean the house for the Japanese school's visit.  The coordinator told us that there are fewer students this year - 25 students and 30 prospective families, which means some families will not have a guest this year. They will make their decision after they have visited all the families.

Work is going along.  Since my vacation schedule will keep me from being available for all of the work I need to do, my manager has decided that I cannot do it at all.  Fortunately, he moved me to another project so I can still work. I will still be able to work on my old project next year.


It's been thundering and lightening quite a bit lately. There were some trees down at the local park where I walk Zeus everyday. He is very afraid of storms. Yesterday, Zeus tried to hide under my bed during a storm and got stuck. Fortunately, my daughter was home and went looking for him after she heard a loud clap, so she was able to get him out.