Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sorry I hadn't realized how long it had been since I posted.  You were stuck looking at pictures of empty black flats.  Not a very attractive sight.  I decided to show you a prettier picture of the flowers I planted.

My daughter is back home from school and has settled in nicely.  She helped me clean the house for the Japanese school's visit.  The coordinator told us that there are fewer students this year - 25 students and 30 prospective families, which means some families will not have a guest this year. They will make their decision after they have visited all the families.

Work is going along.  Since my vacation schedule will keep me from being available for all of the work I need to do, my manager has decided that I cannot do it at all.  Fortunately, he moved me to another project so I can still work. I will still be able to work on my old project next year.


It's been thundering and lightening quite a bit lately. There were some trees down at the local park where I walk Zeus everyday. He is very afraid of storms. Yesterday, Zeus tried to hide under my bed during a storm and got stuck. Fortunately, my daughter was home and went looking for him after she heard a loud clap, so she was able to get him out.


Allie said...

Pretty flowers! Poor Zeus - they just find the smallest spot to get into, don't they? I love that pic of him.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Beautiful flowers, great display!

Tell your sweet dog that the other Zeus, the most powerful of all gods, ruled the heavens. Often depicted with his thunderbolt, Zeus controlled weather and thunderstorms. Maybe if your Zeus knew he had the power all along he wouldn't have to go under the beds. Hmm...maybe this is some past life thing going on. Need to research what harm that old Zeus did with those thunderbolts ;)

Tanya said...

I've never met a dog that like thunder. Zeus looks very relaxed there though... No thunder when that picture was taken!

Perry said...

Dogs are such funny creatures. Amazing pic of Zeus. He looks very chagrined. Glad you got your plants planted, they were worth a lot more than1.50 and all they needed was some tender loving care, lol.