Monday, May 30, 2011

Flats on Sale

I was on my way home on Saturday and decided to stop by at the grocery store to get some milk.  Being out of milk is bad enough, but when you have company, it is doubly bad.  My daughter's college roommate was visiting so they could go to a wedding together.  I had to work because our project didn't finish on Friday like it was supposed to.  It's the first time I wasn't able to finish a project on time, but it did finish early on Saturday so all is well that ends well. There is another project after this, but I am taking the rest of the weekend off.

Anyway, since I had stopped straight at the grocery store from work, I was trying to think of what was written on the grocery list on the refrigerator.  There by the front door, partially blocking the entrance are these flats with beautiful annual flowers.    I had to look at them on my way in the door anyway, right?  My big overtime project is finished, and I might have some time to plant something. Even if I did miss the big planting season, I think it would still be safe to get plants in the ground by the end of the month.   I didn't see any prices, so I asked someone else who was looking at them.  She said they were $1.50 for the flat.  She showed me the price on the outside of the flat, and I had to stare at it to make sure that it said for the flat.

That is six plants in one of containers, and 8 containers in a flat.  That is 48 plants for $1.50.  Even with my lack of gardening skills, I could plant these guilt free.  Some of the plants are sorry looking, and the most of them have roots that have outgrown their space, but that means I can blame the plants if they don't grow.    I bought two flats.  They are $1.50 each!

I got them home, to try to figure out where I was going to put my brightly colored beauties.  And that is when I realized, I have to plant all 48 of these beauties. Times two.

Have a good Memorial Day!

Good news!  There are 36 plants in each flat.
Bad news!  Air Quality Alert

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