Saturday, May 7, 2011


We just received a large photocopying order at work as we gear up for new projects.  A coworker was about to carry out the empty box to the storage room for recycling, and I asked him to let me take it home instead. I wanted to use it for additional spring cleaning.   He gave me two.  Two other coworkers overheard this conversation, and they each gave me two boxes.  It's a shorter walk to my desk than the storage room.  That's a lot of boxes. 

So now I have six boxes and everyone thinks I must be a serious hoarder to need six boxes just for cleaning!  I figure I can use them for recycling, charity and trash.  And these are nice size boxes, so I can probably use them for storage as well.  And whatever I don't use, I can take them to the recycling box, since I am going there anyway. But my goal is to try to fill them all up for recycling and charity. 


Allie said...

I love boxes - any kind of boxes, lol. Brings out the neat freak in me, I like things contained. Have fun!

Tanya said...

Hi Shasta. You've been quiet lately. What are you up to? Still cleaning?

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi Shasta, calling in for a catch-up...have fun filling the boxes, enjoyed your book discussions, Tracey