Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Quilting Review

It is time for my annual year end review of my quilting accomplishments for the year.  This year, I did not blog very much.  I also did not do a lot of quilting.  I have taken care of some medical problems - nothing serious, but lots of little things that meant I got to know a lot of different doctors.  I even spent a couple of nights at a sleep clinic and now have a CPAP machine.

My project-by-project job had some extra projects this year, which was very good news.   I also spent a lot of time writing and reading hubs on HubPages.  I am still trying to have a large portfolio of articles there.  I have reduced the clutter in my house - that is going to be an ongoing project, but I have made great progress.  

Okay, enough chatter.  Let's see if I can find some quilts I have made this year! My latest finish is this coin quilt.  I belong to the Small Quilt newsgroup with Kathy Tracy, and her challenge this year was to make one small quilt each month.  She specified which quilt to make each month - sometimes she provided a pattern, and sometimes she chose one from one of her books.  This one is adapted from her Remembering Adelia book. I added the small inner border.   It is the only quilt I made all year from this challenge.

This is another small quilt I made this year.  It is adapted from a pattern in a book, Red, White and Sometimes Blue by McCalls quilting.

This is a small quilt I made as a request for a friend. It is inspired by a quilt I saw at the quilt show.

That's it - three little quilts.  I am actually proud that I did manage to get three quilts done.  I am tempted to make another small quilt to add to the list, but I think I need to keep my focus on my Hubpages goals.  We have to write 8 articles a month as a part of the Apprenticeship Program, and I have 3 more to write this month!

Besides these three quilts, I did make progress on my block of the month from last year, but that progress has been slow.  We were supposed to be using thangles to make the quilt, and I chose to use a different method.  All of the blocks are made, and I am working on the star points.  This is an old picture, and many more of the star points have been added.  I think I probably would have made more quilting progress if I hadn't been forcing myself to make more progress on this one.  I am glad I allowed myself to work on the little quilts in the meantime.

2013 Quilting Goals

I got scared when I saw that I had made 2012 quilting goals, but it looks like I was kind to myself and expected very little quilting to be done.  I think 2013 will also be a slow quilting year, but I do hope to make more progress on my current quilts.  I'd like to finish three quilts that have been in the works.  Since I have moved my studio to another room, I have been inspired to make use of all the fabric and supplies I do have and hopefully will have more than three little quilts to show for 2013.

I hope all of you had a wonderful 2012, and I wish you all the best for 2013.  Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rearranging Rooms

Sorry there wasn't a quotation yesterday. I didn't realize I 'd run out already.  Not to worry.  In the past, I had a photo, and tried to find a quote that matched it.  Now I have a list of quotes, and will try to find a photo to match the quote.  This will be harder, but I think they will be better.

 From time to time, I like to evaluate whether the space in my house is arranged in a way that serves my needs the way I currently use or want to use it.  I do this every decade or two.  I have decided that even though the downstairs is properly arranged, the upstairs needs some serious rearranging. I have plenty of bedrooms, but I feel like all my belongings are being crammed into my bedroom.

In order to reduce my allergy symptoms, I have decided to move all of my fabric and sewing supplies out of my bedroom. I want to my bedroom to be a nice place to sleep, and not a storage of anything.    I would like to set up a sewing studio, so I would like to use a big bedroom to do it.  Right now, the big room is a guest room.  I have a small room that we use for an office, and have decided to turn that into the guest room.  We don't have guests that often, and they don't need a big room.  By using the small room, we will be able to keep it reserved for the guest instead of using it for storage as well.

Which means all the things in the office needs to go.  Did you get that, I need to 1. empty out the office, 2. move the guest room furniture into the office / small room, 3. finally get the stuff out of my room to the studio / guest room.  There is already an office in what used to be the dining room, and the office supplies will be moved down there.

This is a very slow process, since it takes a while to get rid of the furniture in the room as I find homes for each piece.  The junk room office is slowly getting cleaned out, and hopefully will have space for the bed soon. I haven't decided where to put what piece of furniture, but hopefully getting rid of the furniture we don't use will help make that decision process easier.

There are craft supplies in this room, and it is hard to look at fabric and craft supplies without digging in to make them, but I am working to restrain myself and just do the cleaning.  Hopefully when this is all done, I will have space and time to make stuff.  I've planned many quilts this year, but haven't made very many.

The photo is a statue from the Museum of Art in Indianapolis.  It is an amazing place and I highly recommend going.