Saturday, April 4, 2015

Winner! Winner!

March was National Quilt Month for me.  Not only did I find the time and the mojo to do a lot of quilting, and watching quilting shows, I also won two prizes!

I received two fat quarters for helping a quilter name one of her quilts. These are beautiful, versatile colors that will fit in any quilt.  I might even put them in a quilt I am working on now.

I also won two magazines and three pins from Quiltmaker's Rock the Blocks contest. There are so many ideas for future quilt projects. 

April, unfortunately, will not be able to have the same momentum.  I have received an offer to work, so my time will be more limited.  I was hoping to get some mad dash spring cleaning and quilt finishing done before the job started, but I then got an offer for jury duty.  To accommodate the jury duty, I was able to start working even earlier, which meant all my free time disappeared retroactively.  Don't worry, I will be able to sneak in both the cleaning and the quilting into my April.

On the first day of jury duty, I decided I did not want to sit alone, so I sat with two other jurors.  As we started talking, it turned out that all of us have dogs, which we thought was a nice coincidence. Then we realized that all of us are quilters!  Then, all three of us were called to get questioned to serve on the same jury.

I was called to be a juror on a trial, and since the other two women did not make that jury, I sat with another juror at lunch.  She is not a quilter, but she also studies her family history.

I will now try to consolidate two weeks of mad dash quilting and cleaning into one weekend.