Sunday, July 16, 2023

Quilting and Life Updates

 I have continued my index card a day project, usually making many more than one a day. This drawing is based on a photo I took during the first neighborhood tour we went to. Most of the videos I have watched about drawing say to start with a photo or actual items instead of using your imagination. It lets you really see the shapes and the shading when you have something real in front of you. 

I am really happy with this drawing because it does look like a person and a dog, even though I do need to work with my shading to make it look like shading and not underarm sweat.


My work will be winding down soon, which means that I am getting excited about having more sewing time. The clematis flowers don't look very healthy, but I really like how they look painterly.

We went on another neighborhood tour with the library. This sculpture was moved from the library to a park.

15 Minutes to Stitch Week 27 and 28


I didn't get a chance to do any quilting on week 27 as I put everything away to get ready for a fourth of July gathering, but on week 28, I took out the Spicy Stars quilt and took an inventory of what is done and what the next steps are. I figured out the measurements for the side triangles and corner triangles. I

15 minute days these weeks --7 out of 14
15 minute days this year -- 155 out of 197 days
Success rate  = 79%
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Sunday, July 2, 2023

Index Cards


I have continued to participate in the Index Card a Day challenge. I am having so much fun with these portraits that I may have made all of these on the same day, Saturday. They are so fun to make, it is hard to stop at just one.

15 Minutes to Stitch Week 25 and 26


Zoey understands that when I am painting, I am not quilting. 

15 minute days these weeks --0 out of 14
15 minute days this year -- 148 out of 183 days
Success rate  = 81%
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