Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Monthly Goal Check in

Why is this month so short?  It is time already to check in with the One Monthly Goal. I thought I kept it simple by saying I would just keep up with my daily circles this year.  Here are some more circles I showed to try to catch up.

Block 238


This looks like a chair to me.


Block 239

A circle with spikes/spokes. I saw a picture of a quilt at the QuiltCon that had spikes.  Mine are too fat, but it is a small block and I want to keep things easier for me.

Block 240

A semicircle and its reverse.

Block 241

A collage with lots of layers. Using up the pretty trash.

Block 242

This is a spiral, and I had leftover when I got to the center so it became a Q.

Block 243


A semicircle is still a circle. See, it has "circle" in its name.


Block 244


Love the colors in these beautiful batiks.


 Block 245


I hope there is enough variety in these blocks. I am using scraps from On Ringo Lake mostly, plus a few bits that are still in the trash scraps bowl.

We've had 59 days this year, and I've made 45 circles, which means I haven't met my monthly goal, but I have made good effort, and the circle box is getting fuller, so I am okay with my progress.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Valentine Art Quilt For Swap

A while ago, I showed you the quilt I received for the art quilt swap that was organized by one of my Facebook groups, Stitching with Fibers, Paper and More. Today, I thought I would show you the quilt I made for my swap partner.

I made two so I could choose the best one for my partner. It would also show that I did give my partner a quilt that I would be happy to get myself.  I tend to worry that the quilt I like may not be a quilt the recipient will like. Making two quilts helped, because one of those was mine, so I could make it to please myself, and the other one just used the same techniques.

I started out with a variety of fabric and paper scraps.  I have been focusing on the blue/green turquoise/aqua color scheme from Ringo Lake and decided to keep with that, but most of these scraps aren't from Ringo Lake. There are lots of upholstery scraps, paper and fabric scraps. I decided to do raw edge to make it more artsy and less traditional.

I added a border fabric on two sides.

The stitching that holds them down also double as quilting lines. I added the heart stitching around some of the edges to secure the edges.

The heart is a separate quilt (three layers and batting) that was appliqued on. I glued on paper hearts in case there wasn't enough paper. One of the rules of the quilt is to use 25% materials that you are not familiar with, and there are only a few squares of paper, so I thought adding more would bring it closer to 25%, although the upholstery and other fabrics should also count in the "fabrics I'm not familiar with" category.

Here are the two quilts. Neither of these stand out better than the other one to me. I mailed the one on the left because I thought it had a neater looking heart, and because it was skinnier and fit the envelope better.

They both have different hanging techniques. That was also one of the guidelines for the swap. I usually use applique pins for quilts this small.

I made a mistake in the mailing address so my partner did not receive the original quilt. I mailed her the other one last week to replace the lost one, and the tracking number shows she received this on Saturday, so I can finally show these to you.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Sunday Circles and Checkin

I know it is Monday, but ending the week with Sunday for the Sunday check-in means I have to sew before posting my results for the week.

This week, I have been cutting and sewing the sashing for On Ringo Lake. To keep things interesting, I have also been making some circles. The pictures turned out blurry, but they will still give you a good enough idea of what they look like, and I'd rather spend my time sewing than taking more pictures.

Block 222


This one was a collage of random scraps. It looks like the letter T to me, but it wasn't planned.


Block 223

My sister gave me a ruler that cuts circles. This is my first attempt at using it. I used a large blade and did it pretty quickly.

Block 224

This one makes me think of an African pot.

Block 225

This uses scraps that were gifted to me, exactly as sewn. Looks like an Easter basket to me.

Block 226

This one also uses presewn scraps that were gifted to me. I was thinking this might look like a heart, but it looks like Mickey Mouse!

Block 227


A leftover nine patch from On Ringo Lake. Whenever possible, I made a few extra blocks when it was convenient.


Block 228, 229, 230, 231


This uses the rest of the strip set that was used for the center strip of the nine patch. It gets four numbers because it is four times the size of a regular block. It was sewn improv, and then needle turned on the background. The center is a yo-yo.


 Block 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237


I showed you this one already last time, but it didn't have numbers because it wasn't sewn onto a background yet.  It is an odd size so it will be a challenge to figure out where and how to fit it into the quilt, but it gets six numbers because it looks like it will take the space of six blocks. I trimmed it after I took the picture.  I chose a random number for the stitch (17). I think I chose the same random number for another block that  reminded me of a baseball.

  15 Minutes to Stitch


This week was a blur so I am not sure I sewed every day, but I'm sure I made up for any missing days throughout the week.

I have made 37 circles in the 56 days of this year. Not perfect, but not too bad.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

All Blocked Up

Normally, a blockage is a bad thing. But all the whooping and hollering you heard here on the High Road is not a cause for alarm, but a celebration!

All of the blocks for On Ringo Lake are finished! I know!  I had to count them twice just to be sure!

Now onward march to the sashing and setting triangles!

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

15 Minute Challenge Feb 18

This week, I worked on basting around the crazy quilt blocks so that I wouldn't put beads too close to the seam allowance.

Most of my sewing time, however, was spent on the On Ringo Lake blocks. They look the same as they did the last time I showed you, so I won't show you again now. I don't want you to spend all your money renting the galloping horse when you can just wait until the finished quilt top.  I have more full blocks done, and have a few more blocks to finish. Then I need to sew the sashing pieces.

I did spend some quality time with the seam ripper this week.  (Not the one in the picture, obviously. It is the only seam ripper photo I have taken and labeled as such.) I use the seam ripper for blocks that aren't quality seams (bunching, not properly lined up, seam allowance too small, not going the right way), but I don't use them for points that aren't sharp or don't match exactly. I do want this quilt to be finished in my lifetime and I am choosing not to look for perfection for this bed sized quilt. It is a bed quilt and I don't want those sharp points to hurt me while I am sleeping.

Don't worry, this was a normal amount of correcting mistakes for this big quilt with lots of pieces. I didn't make any major mistakes. I  normally correct as I go, but I was trying to show progress, so I set aside the errors. I didn't want to make new blocks when the corrections were so simple, so I had to fix them as a bunch.

I did this spreadsheet early in the week, anticipating my perfection. It takes some concentration to figure out how to tally these, since each month has a different number of days and start on different days.

This week, I missed Monday and Tuesday but I made up for it. There will hopefully be one more week of "perfection" before the downhill slide.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Crazy Quilt Stitching

On Ringo Lake continues to make progress. It is a great procrastination tool.  Want to work on something else? Do something with Ringo Lake first.  It makes me more productive, since I am getting twice as much stuff done as I would have otherwise.

I didn't want to bring down another project that had lots of supplies, but quilting doesn't mix well with piecing, since the machine needs different settings for both.  I decided to keep doing hand work since I enjoyed doing that so much with the fabric book. This is my first ever crazy quilt block.

This quilt was started in 2009 or maybe before and it got stalled because I was trying to follow the rules, without even knowing what they were. Must piece the rest of the blocks before embellishing any. Must not add beads or other bulky things until after blocks have been joined together.  I had six of the nine blocks pieced and just a little bit of embellishment. This picture above shows how I found the block before I started working on it. The library book is for inspiration.

Since then, I have been collecting beads and trim to add to the quilt. Seriously, anytime there was any bead or ribbon sale, I bought something to add to this quilt. If it was orange or shiny, it went in this box. And if it isn't orange or shiny, it is still needed for contrast. The box was brimming over with embellishment supplies.  I have enough to make many quilts. These blocks are only 8 inches!

I decided it was time to work on this quilt so I could use some of these supplies, and be able to do handwork without guilt. I feel virtuous being able to work on such an old WIP!

This is my favorite section. I'm not done with the block yet. The bottom left side and the top right need a little something. In future blocks, I will be more careful with adding beads so close to the edge. This block might require some hand piecing to avoid crushing the beads.

Please give me ideas about what else to stitch.  This is only block one of nine and I already feel like I am stretching.

15 Minutes to Stitch

Here is my progress on the 15 Minutes to Stitch .

I did not stitch on Monday, because I didn't want people to be jealous of my perfection. But because I stitched so much the rest of the week, I had to go back and retroactively take credit for it anyway.

I have been really happy with keeping up with stitching (almost) every day. Reporting it makes me more accountable.  I have been working hard at making sure I stitch every day because I know that when the busy season comes, I won't be able to stitch at all, so I need to keep the current stats high to balance.  My guess is that last year, I probably would have been at 50% and hopefully this year, I will end above 60%. I am going to aim for above 70% though. Aim high!

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Valentine Art Quilt Swap

I joined an art quilt swap on Stitching Fabrics, Papers and More Facebook group, and this is the gorgeous quilt I received. I will show you the quilt I sent later when I know she has received it.

One of the advantages of swapping is to find new techniques and ways of making things I had not known was possible. As I have been watching people make their journals and other art, the different layers people use constantly amaze me, and this quilt has an extraordinary number of layers.

It starts off with a paper base.  I'm not sure if it is two sided paper or if it has been painted. It may be two layers because there is stitching around the edges, but if it is two pieces of paper, they were glued well together.

The next layer is this beautiful brown burlap. And over the burlap is a red piece of fabric. This has also been stitched down.

There are so many embellishments added, and they work so well together. The flower petals have been layered with the bead center and the beautiful white pieces that make the flower, the little butterfly.  Underneath them are pretty hearts made out of rose paper.

Below the flower is corrugated paper, lace, gears, and more hearts made out of rose paper.

 On the right side are more embellishments with the fibers and the flowers and bead trim.
Larger bead trim is used to hang the quilt.

And as if that wasn't enough, look at the pretty buttons used to pretty up the back!

I am really happy to get this gorgeous art quilt. Thank you Debby!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

On Ringo Lake Progress

It is time to link up to Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville's final link up for the On Ringo Lake mystery. I've been busy making parts and pieces to make this quilt in its designed size. This picture probably doesn't look like a lot of progress, especially when compared to so many finished quilt tops, or even finished quilts.  I put all my neat stacks (who am I kidding?  piles) of blocks and parts and pieces into one pile so you could see the progress.

  • There are four blocks that are finished with the corners attached. My quilt, it has four corners.
  • All of the nine patch blocks are done and they are all attached to two sets of two flying geese.
  • The nine patch rows also have one other row sewed on them. (There are a few blocks that have two rows and therefore are completed blocks, but not very many)
  • I am working on making the blocks for the other rows to finish that last row. That chaos on top of the stack is today's flying hearts that will soon become flying geese.
  • I am also working on making the sashing blocks.
Even though I am not finished, I am happy with my progress, because while I have been making this quilt, I've made good progress on a bunch of other projects too.

Thank you for visiting. While you are here, feel free to stick around and scroll down or click to see my French Mints Mini Fabric Book, the Adinkra quilt finish with African fabrics, my very first snippet ribbon, and my progress on my very unique circle a day quilt. I've had a lot of fun playing with fabric this winter.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Reveal: French Mints Mini Fabric Book and 15 Minute Challenge Update

I have finished the French Mints Mini Fabric Book, so I thought I would show you the rest of the pages. I've still been able to sew every day this year. The handwork makes it easier to meet the challenge.

This is a swan, which is more serene than a duck, but if you think it is a duck, I'm okay with that.

Since it is close to Valentine's Day, I decided to go ahead with the love and romance theme to go with the picture on the tin.

I left the back cover plain. I also left the tin pretty plain too, besides the lace wrapped around the side. I am only showing you the individual pages I hadn't shown you before, to save your bandwidth. I did show you all the two page spreads though, since they changed a little bit as I joined the pages together.

I am still on track for sewing every day this year. I decided to show January as the monthly instead of February so January could be completely documented. Next week, I will use February in the monthly column.

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

French Mints Mini Fabric Book

I've been wanting to make a fabric book for a long time.  I thought I would be able to get away from making one with the circle quilt. After all, any time I wanted to do embroidery, I could just make a circle block and that should satisfy my craving.

But no, I want a real fabric book. I decided to make a small one with just a few pages to see how that goes. I'm not done with it, but I wanted to share my progress so far.

I bought this little mint tin at the airport, when I could expense a snack.  You aren't supposed to bite them, so they last a long time.  These have a mild anise flavor. These cute little tins are crazy expensive on Amazon.

I added some motifs that fit words like calm, serene, tranquil. I cut up an index card to put between the cover and first page to give it some body.

The words fabric scrap came from Silly Mama Quilts. I wouldnt't put "love" in the tranquil category, but it fits the tin cover. Not that love can't be tranquil; it just isn't a word that I would instantly think of when thinking of calm words.

Except for the stitching that holds the pages together, it is completely hand stitched. This one has a scrap of the cover fabric, and I made a mandala around it. A lot of it has the same floss and the same fabric because I was stitching during the State of the Union address and rebuttal and I didn't want to go get more supplies. No, I wouldn't think of politics as tranquil.

For the last page, I used some upholstery fabric. The first strand of thread worked great for the stem and a couple of flowers. The second strand was hard to get through the needle and fell apart. I am not sure whether I will leave it like this or redo the work I did with the second strand.  That ribbon strand is just there for color.

I've obviously worked on this book since the address.  I have a few pages left to go which I will show you later.

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