Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Valentine Art Quilt For Swap

A while ago, I showed you the quilt I received for the art quilt swap that was organized by one of my Facebook groups, Stitching with Fibers, Paper and More. Today, I thought I would show you the quilt I made for my swap partner.

I made two so I could choose the best one for my partner. It would also show that I did give my partner a quilt that I would be happy to get myself.  I tend to worry that the quilt I like may not be a quilt the recipient will like. Making two quilts helped, because one of those was mine, so I could make it to please myself, and the other one just used the same techniques.

I started out with a variety of fabric and paper scraps.  I have been focusing on the blue/green turquoise/aqua color scheme from Ringo Lake and decided to keep with that, but most of these scraps aren't from Ringo Lake. There are lots of upholstery scraps, paper and fabric scraps. I decided to do raw edge to make it more artsy and less traditional.

I added a border fabric on two sides.

The stitching that holds them down also double as quilting lines. I added the heart stitching around some of the edges to secure the edges.

The heart is a separate quilt (three layers and batting) that was appliqued on. I glued on paper hearts in case there wasn't enough paper. One of the rules of the quilt is to use 25% materials that you are not familiar with, and there are only a few squares of paper, so I thought adding more would bring it closer to 25%, although the upholstery and other fabrics should also count in the "fabrics I'm not familiar with" category.

Here are the two quilts. Neither of these stand out better than the other one to me. I mailed the one on the left because I thought it had a neater looking heart, and because it was skinnier and fit the envelope better.

They both have different hanging techniques. That was also one of the guidelines for the swap. I usually use applique pins for quilts this small.

I made a mistake in the mailing address so my partner did not receive the original quilt. I mailed her the other one last week to replace the lost one, and the tracking number shows she received this on Saturday, so I can finally show these to you.

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Kaja said...

Well I would have been very pleased to receive one of these. Your work has quite a recognisable style and is very appealing. I like that you used upholstery fabrics and your little paper hears too. Thanks for linking up with AHIQ.

Ann said...

Beautiful colors and lovely finish. Your grids of squares and quilting worked out very well. Did you fuse them or glue them or just pin well to have them line up so well? Adding the large heart as a finished quilt on top of this works very well. I'm sorry one was lost in the mail and hope it returns to you eventually. How fortunate you had a second to send out. Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

Robin said...

This looks like a really fun challenge. I love to see what other people can think of, so interesting. I'm so glad you had an extra to send your swap partner - serendipity? It turned out really sweet and the best part is that there are so many different things for my eye to follow around your piece. It makes me want to touch it to feel the texture.