Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Monthly Goal Check in

Why is this month so short?  It is time already to check in with the One Monthly Goal. I thought I kept it simple by saying I would just keep up with my daily circles this year.  Here are some more circles I showed to try to catch up.

Block 238


This looks like a chair to me.


Block 239

A circle with spikes/spokes. I saw a picture of a quilt at the QuiltCon that had spikes.  Mine are too fat, but it is a small block and I want to keep things easier for me.

Block 240

A semicircle and its reverse.

Block 241

A collage with lots of layers. Using up the pretty trash.

Block 242

This is a spiral, and I had leftover when I got to the center so it became a Q.

Block 243


A semicircle is still a circle. See, it has "circle" in its name.


Block 244


Love the colors in these beautiful batiks.


 Block 245


I hope there is enough variety in these blocks. I am using scraps from On Ringo Lake mostly, plus a few bits that are still in the trash scraps bowl.

We've had 59 days this year, and I've made 45 circles, which means I haven't met my monthly goal, but I have made good effort, and the circle box is getting fuller, so I am okay with my progress.

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Nancy said...

You've created some fun circles there, Shasta. I'm looking forward to seeing all of them together in a quilt!

Kyle said...

You might not have met your monthly goal of circles, but they are the most unique circles ever!

Patty said...

each one is so different! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal