Saturday, February 10, 2018

Valentine Art Quilt Swap

I joined an art quilt swap on Stitching Fabrics, Papers and More Facebook group, and this is the gorgeous quilt I received. I will show you the quilt I sent later when I know she has received it.

One of the advantages of swapping is to find new techniques and ways of making things I had not known was possible. As I have been watching people make their journals and other art, the different layers people use constantly amaze me, and this quilt has an extraordinary number of layers.

It starts off with a paper base.  I'm not sure if it is two sided paper or if it has been painted. It may be two layers because there is stitching around the edges, but if it is two pieces of paper, they were glued well together.

The next layer is this beautiful brown burlap. And over the burlap is a red piece of fabric. This has also been stitched down.

There are so many embellishments added, and they work so well together. The flower petals have been layered with the bead center and the beautiful white pieces that make the flower, the little butterfly.  Underneath them are pretty hearts made out of rose paper.

Below the flower is corrugated paper, lace, gears, and more hearts made out of rose paper.

 On the right side are more embellishments with the fibers and the flowers and bead trim.
Larger bead trim is used to hang the quilt.

And as if that wasn't enough, look at the pretty buttons used to pretty up the back!

I am really happy to get this gorgeous art quilt. Thank you Debby!

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Kate said...

Ooooh, pretty! One day when I'm not working, I'd really like to explore crafting with paper and fabric. That looks so fun.