Sunday, December 25, 2022

Quilt Reveal: Stand Tall

 In September of 2019, I posted a tutorial of how to make some fabric collage animals. I made several different animals for the tutorial. When I put them away, I hadn't decided whether to put them all together in one quilt, or to make lots of little quilts. 


After all, how  meta is making a collage of blocks that are made with collage of fabrics. That would be fun, but that would require figuring how to join different size blocks and make them look cohesive. Also since the collaged animals will use a lot of quilting, and I wasn't thinking about doing a lot of quilting in the background, I am not sure whether the inconsistent quilting will cause any trouble.

Making them into individual quilts would be great to give me a head start on the small quilt of the month.


As we come to the end of 2022, I was thinking about the end of the year post.

Although I didn't have any rules for the year, I did have an idea that I could have more finishes than starts. A low key, low pressure goal. I just had to finish one more quilt than I started. How easy is that?

Earlier in the year, I had even pulled out some almost finished quilts that should have helped me reach the goal early so I could skate free the rest of the year. Well, as you can see, I haven't pulled it off yet. It is fine, since I started a big time, intensive quilt, I can forgive myself for reaching my goal. But still, I still have to admit defeat. I haven't had much success this year in quilting for 15 minutes a day. So a win on the quilting front would be nice.

I looked in the Cave of Wonder for quilts that would be quick to finish. Not a big, lap quilt, but a really small one. I pulled out the box of collage animals to see if I could make some more progress on them. And as you can tell by the pictures, a small quilt won out and here is the result. I quilted the markings on the giraffe and added a bead for the eye before binding it. I might add a three-dimensional tail but I am calling it finished it for now.