Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Button Season Quilted

I've finished quilting Button Season.  Some simple straight lines.

I think whole cloth quilts are highly underrated.  When you find a pretty fabric, you don't always need to cut it up just to sew it again. This backing fabric has 2006 written on the selvedge.

Next I have to bind it, and then add the buttons. This fabric is newer, and has pretty little birds on the selvedge.

I think I bought this last year or the year before when I bought other border fabric for another quilt.


Allie-oops Designs said...

That's darling - and I love your owl too!!!

Soma @ said...

What an adorable owl!! It looks very comfy on the pretty quilt :)


Kaja said...

It is a lovely fabric - just buttons and binding and you have a finish. Selvedges are often very cool in their own right - if I like one I don't chop it off, just sew it right into the quilt.

Ann said...

What a darling owl. My old mascot!

Jasmine said...

I also like whole cloth quilts. What a sweet project.