Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Promised Block Pics

About a month ago, I promised I would show you some pictures of some blocks. Better late than never, here are the blocks I was promising to show you.

1857 Album Quilt

These three are from the 1857 quilt. The last of the blocks have been released, but I am way behind in getting them ready. These blocks have been prepped but have not been sewn down yet. You see a shadow under all of them because they are all stacked up and you can see a different block underneath each of these. When there is batting underneath, I don't think that will be a problem.



 Circle Block 191 

The reason I delayed showing these to you was because I thought I would be able to add to this. None of these blocks wow me. But I don't have anything new to show you.

 I have been cleaning and finishing up remodeling projects around my house. With my surgery, I did not get any chance to do any spring cleaning. I am also working on transforming my house and my life to be more low-maintenance.

 One day last week, I was drawn to reading an old post of mine. It was the first post from 2016, and in it I mentioned that I was working on following the book by Marie Kondo and touching every belonging in my house and deciding whether I should keep it. This has turned out to be a long-term project.

I have been living here for a very long time. I am not planning on moving, but the basic premise is that I am moving out of the house and moving back in without hiring a moving truck. What would I put in here if I was starting all over again.

One of the problems is I bought a couch as part of this process. And every time I pass it, it beckons me to take a nap.


Nancy said...

Those first three blocks are beautiful, despite your saying that they don't wow you. I love them!

I started reading Kondo's book but had to send it back to the library. Hers is a system that doesn't work for me. I can't imagine how long it would take to touch and evaluate every object in my home. We've been in this house for 18 years and have been married for nearly 43. Still I clean out and pass on as the need arises. It sounds like your moving out and moving back in is a big process, too! And that couch -- it would be inviting to me, too.

Kaja said...

I did move, to a much smaller house, and found it was surprising how much stuff I didn't really need (and haven't missed). Good luck with your clearing out - I'm sure the occasional nap just helps you make better decisions!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Hahaha ha! I'm reading back posts...making up for lost time. Being a grandma has become a full time job and I'm loving it but missing my ....what..11 or 12 years of blogging friends. I bought the Marie Kondo book .months ago. I think I'm afraid to read it as I'm sure I'll be crazier than i am now. If i move or get rid of 1 thing..guaranteed I'll want or need it and waste a week trying to find it.