Sunday, January 3, 2021

Last and First 15 Minutes to Stitch Report


2020:  Weeks 53 of 15 Minutes to Stitch

You may think there are only 52 weeks in a year, but sometimes there is a leap year and a short week and then there are 53. What do you expect from 2020?

15 minute days this week -- 0 out of 4
15 minute days this year -- 308 out of 366 days
Success rate  = 84%
I didn't plan it right. Usually I am just fine missing weekdays since I can make it up on the weekends, but there are no weekends in these four days, and it didn't seem right to get credit for work done in 2021 in 2020. That means my success rate dropped down to 84%. It's fine, 84% is almost as good as 85% but it is disappointing to lose the 85% I had in my last report.

I spent the last of my 2020 cleaning up the main living areas.  Having focused so much on the basement this year, I wanted to provide some sense of normalcy in the living areas and start the new year right.  I finished the rug rotation project I was doing to make sure Zeus had enough traction as he walked around the house. We had a Zoom family gathering where we opened gifts. We have been trying to get away from giving gifts, but this year, we felt that it would be good to at least send representatives on our behalf since we couldn't be physically present.

2021:  Weeks 1 of 15 Minutes to Stitch

I am so grateful to Kate for continuing the 15 Minutes to Stitch for another year. And since there are weekend days in these first few days of the year, I can once again make up for missed days. It is a leeway I give myself and are not part of the actual rules of the challenge.

I resisted starting new projects although I really want to, because I also really want to get some more finished quilts. The quilts need to be able to move up a place in line and they didn't really get to do that last year, as the Quote Quilt took up so much of my time, and new small quilts kept cutting in line. 

I decided to keep making progress on the Quote Quilt and have the batting and back prepared, so it should be a quilt sandwich next week. There probably won't be much to show as I add stitches here and there to secure the layers.

I will still be making the mini quilts so you will continue to get eye candy on my blog.

15 minute days this week -- 3 out of 3
15 minute days this year -- 3 out of 3 days
Success rate  = 100%

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Ann said...

You had a good year. Sometimes we just need to quilt the quilts that come to our attention. I still have a few in the queue, too, although like you, I worked hard to clean and clear everything out.
Best wishes this new year.

Rose said...

You are getting off to a great start on this far I have sewn some every day this year...LOL I was sewing this morn between 3:?? and 4:30 a.m. I decided I better try to sleep a little. If I could see better at night, I could get so much done...I love to hand stitch while listening/watching tv.

I look forward to seeing what you make this year.

dq said...

I love Kate's 15 min a day group! It keeps me focused. Those minutes always turn into much more time. Sometimes I just need a little oomph to get me started.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I think you are remarkable! You have accomplished so much in those short 15 minutes. Your "story" quilt will be treasured by generations. I am looking forward to more time to stitch in 2021. Thanks for all your inspiration!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Doing a little bit of cleaning and a little bit of creativity is the habit I'm developing. So far, so good. :-)

Kyle said...

It's awesome that you keep track of all those precious 15 minute blocks of time. They do add up to a very successful sewing year.

Tanya said...

Beautiful wintry photo! I’m sure that 15 minute a day goal is what keeps you so motivated. I color code my calendar by the quilts I’m working on so at least I can tell when one is getting left behind...

Kate said...

With the holiday season so busy with zoom meetings and end of year clean up, you are just going to miss a few days here and there. You did really well at finding time to stitch last year and you've gotten off to a good start with 2021. Thanks for being part of 15 minutes to stitch in 2020. Looking forward to checking out your adventures and finishes in 2021.