Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am sure that if you lived closer to me, you would have read that last post about needing new thread, and realized how dangerous a shopping expedition could be. You would have called me and told me that you would get the thread for me. But you don't and you didn't.

This meant that I went alone, armed with my 10% coupon. It started out innocently enough. I bought the gray thread my mother needed. There were three shades of light purple I bought a while back. The lighter purple was used up earlier. I used the darker one for the quilt. I could have used the medium color for the quilt, but decided to treat the quilt right for a change, and get the correct shade from the store. It looks like they have changed the numbers and/or discontinued that particular shade. Since I had my bobbin with me, I tried to find the right shade the best I could.

Then I wandered over to the fabric area. You know, since I was in the area and all. I bought lots of yellows. I don't have a lot of yellow in my stash, not that I want to have a stash, but I saw a pretty yellow and blue quilt. And I might have bought a few other colors as well. I haven't bought a lot of fabric this year, and I made up for it in that one trip. I even bought weird fabric for a crazy quilt I may make someday.

Then I went home, put the thread in the machine, and quilted away. And wouldn't you know, I got the wrong shade of purple. It is the light shade. My medium would have been darker, and matched better. Oh well. The machine was already threaded. The quilt is now finished. I need to bind it and I will be finished.


Donna said...

somedays it feels like the gods conspires against us and take entertainment at our expense! So sorry the thread colour is not what you expected/wanted in the end. Will that be what you see whenever you look at the quilt or can you adjust your expectations so it'll not dominate the whole experience?

I laughed at your description of buying for the whole year in one trip... I've learned if I truly don't want to spend money I don't take plastic with me, and only take a small amount of cash. I seldom will make the effort to make a second trip for something I "fell in love with" so figure its lust not love :-)

Tanya said...

I do that all the time! I think I'm the smartest when I buy a spool (or a swatch or a skein or whatever) each. Then at least I don't have to go back to the store again and I can always use the extra thing someday. Of course when the someday arrives I usually can't find it.