Monday, February 21, 2011

Quilting or lack thereof

You know how some people have a hard time quilting or doing anything fun until they have their house clean and everything in order?  I'm not generally one of them.  Or at least I didn't think so.  But with the dog, there is more dog hair and dirt tracked into the house.  And I'd like to clean it before I do fun things. I feel guilty for doing the fun things when the cleaning is undone, so basically I sit around and watch tv and ignore the whole situation!

The other guilt thing is work.  I am working from home, and even though I know I should just stick to a schedule, and let my free time be my free time, I am having a hard time with that.  Especially with interruptions from the dog.  "You want to go outside in the nice weather?" I guess I could stop for that. And then I lose track of how much time I have spent working and how much I need to make up.  Even on the weekend, seeing the pile of work that needs to be done, which really looks bigger than the actual amount of work, just makes it hard to motivate myself to do any quilting.

All right, I guess I will work or clean or something  so I can get to quilting.  I am thinking of making another small quilt - before going to another UFO.  I had a lot of fun making the quilt for the swap, and I think another one of those would help satisfy my craving to do something new, as well as give me something else to put on the wall.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shasta...They say confession is good for the soul~ Now you have confessed, and you can move on. :) I sure understand getting side tracked. I've been side tracked for over a month. sigh~ Anyways, this week is my week to get back to sewing, but first I have to rearrange some furniture. :) My sewing machine was moved, and now I have to move it again along with the rest of the furniture in the room. LOL Nothing is ever easy for some of us.

Gari in AL said...

I do understand your dilema. My way to deal with it was to "schedule" my time. I set up time for cleaning, time for sewing, and time for running around (things away from the house). And when I worked I also had a time for that. It was different for different days, just to keep me from getting bored. But this did keep me doing both the things that needed to get done and then things I wanted to do.

Tanya said...

An animal that needs you certainly does change how one spends one's time. "I have to go home now. The dog is waiting for me." "My cats are probably cold and would like me to spend some time with them upstairs..." I don't know how many times people have looked at me like I'm crazy!

barcord said...

Hi Shasta, Here I am following your blog. I understand all your feelings about what you should be doing. I have a cat and dog. They are resigned to coming in last on my list of things to do. However they are definitely not neglected. The cat loves to join in any activity except hoovering. Doesnt like that noisy machine. The dog, a dachsie who is almost 9 is happiest at my feet. Both love it when we go out to the garden. Winter here, so lots of excuses to stay in and sew :-) Blessings, B x.