Monday, February 3, 2014

Rescue Rooter

A truck owned by a plumbing company, Rescue Rooter.  Don't worry, it isn't at my house.  Sometimes when I look at old newspapers looking for genealogical information, I get sidetracked by the advertising.  I figure years from now, I will want to know what kinds of advertising I saw, and what trucks looked like.

And what cars looked like.  Here are two red cars parked across the street from each other.  Most of the cars that are being sold are muted, calm colors, like champagne, silver, black, white, and pewter. Even the blue and the green are very calm colors.  The bright blue car I showed the other day is an exception. But lately, there has been a surge of red cars.  It seems that it is a catching trend - that people who buy red cars tend to live really close to other people who have red cars.  It's like people need a leader to say, yes, it is okay to buy a red car.  Yes, my own car is red, but it is not in the picture.

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