Friday, June 19, 2015

A Quilt for My Bed

The downsizing of the stuff in my house continues, and one of the things that have recently been downsized is my bed.  I have replaced my queen sized bed with a full size one.  I never did like the headboard, and through a complicated series of decisions, I decided that a full size bed would work better for me.

Once I realized how much smaller this bed is, and how the queen size was not too big for my room, I thought I would regret my decision to downsize the bed.  But since we haven't had a full size bed in the house since I was younger, I need to buy new sheets and new bedding.

I have looked online for different comforter sets and quilts, but none of them really seemed to call to me.  I want something wild - lime green, bright orange, turquoise, sunshine yellow and royal purple  - with crazy patterns swirling together, yet cohesive and pretty.   The it finally hit me - maybe I should commission myself to make a quilt for my bed. I would work for free!  It is sad how long it took me to have that realization and decision.

I have been gravitating towards diamonds lately. I looked at many different diamond patterns until I realized that I could get a quilt off my bucket list.  A simple equilateral triangle one.  The repetition of a simple shape would tame all the wild colors and patterns, and give an interesting sparkling look. It would let the fabrics shine without a great deal of effort on my part.  While it might be interesting to make a big quilt with lots and lots of teeny tiny pieces, I have decided I am going to scale up and make a more manageable size triangle.  I haven't decided on the size yet, but right now I am leaning towards five inches wide or maybe even bigger.

I am really getting excited about the fabric selection process - I have been collecting lime and turquoise fabrics for a while now - ever since I painted my bedroom lime green in 2009. I think it was the sheer size of a queen size quilt in my little domestic machine that prevented me for actually making a quilt for that bed.  But now I have a small and simple bed, and will start making a quilt for it.

Once I finish my Elephant Parade and Life of Plenty quilts, that is.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Good for you! This is exciting!!! Once, one of the famous pieced quilters talked about how many quilts she had made in her very famous quilting ville lifetime ;-) and she mentioned she had a store bought comforter on her bed. And I thought what?????? It happens a lot. So, go for it and it sounds wonderful and bright and making it yourself will be a great project to share with us and to wake up to every morning and go to bed under every night!!

SG said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment you left there, it also gave the oportunity to find your place and see your great work!

O'Quilts said...

This is exciting news...I cannot wait to watch your progress...Thank you for your supportive comment:) Take care

Diane said...

Well, this sure sounds like an exciting new project! A friend of mine just finished a scrap quilt using a large tumbler template. Hers was in repro fabrics but would have been equally striking in brights, Have fun! Thanks for visiting me at Persnicketyquilts.

Allie-oops Designs said...

How fun - I can't wait to watch your progress!!! I think I'd feel lost in a queen size bed, I have a twin right now. The cat hates it, it's too small for!!!