Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Music has Arrived at Elephant Parade

Progress continues to be made on the Elephant Parade quilt.  All of the participants in my Elephant Parade have gotten some work done, and they are no longer blind. I also fixed little bits and pieces that I noticed and didn't like.  I have to sew down all these applique pieces.

 Also a drummer has arrived for the Elephant Parade.  He has a lot more applique pieces than all the others.  His hat / hair and drum strap will get some more tweaking tomorrow.

The drummer come with another band member, but I was trying to have him have bent knees, and for some reason I am having a lot of trouble with bent knees.  I need to be fresh to decide whether to leave him with straight knees, or keep trying to bend his knees.

My summer vacation is coming to a close soon, and I want to be able to get this quilt done if at all possible, at least get it into a top.  But my mind is distracted with other projects I have started around the house and I keep coming up with new ideas - how about a float, a banner, a flag, a fox - and a dog - and a horse - and a panda . . .

It is just too much fun to stop.

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Tanya said...

You are doing such a great job! Is that a combination of paper piecing and applique? Trying to make corners in paper piecing is too exhausting for my brain! What a great parade this is going to be!

Julie said...

I had to zip around here to see all the pieces you've created. I admire your drummer here, and how you've used the dramatic metallic fabric to dress him up. This will be a wonderful quilt! Can't wait to see it in its entirety. Keep it up, and thank you for linking it up with the Pet Project Show on Pink Doxies.