Monday, September 7, 2015

Full House for Elephant Parade!

People who have been following this blog will be happy to know that the final paraders have arrived for the Elephant Parade.  They have been trickling in slowly here and there, and many have been waiting in the staging area for months.

Let me introduce you to the latest arrivals.  First the bugler in a band uniform.

And a fox.

I have to admit that I really didn't enjoy making these last arrivals. I think this is because I had specific ideas in mind about how they were to look instead of simply letting them grow improv.  But they are finished and I think they look okay - the bugler turned out to be quite handsome, and the fox will look all right hidden amongst all the other animals.  And I thoroughly enjoyed making the other participants, so it all balances out on the positive side.

The next step is to choose a layout. Originally I was going to arrange the elephants as they are in my family, but with the new animals, that plan has been abandoned, and they can go wherever they look good.   I laid them all on my bed so that there would be a white background, but then I had to stand on a chair and take the camera up to the ceiling to take these pictures.

So what do you think of the layout?

I am going to move the turtle away from behind the fox. He needs a better view.

And if I use the tiger, he will need a tail. My sister was thinking of a person for each row, but I think they work better together.  The dancing couples are already sewn together, and the musicians look more band like if they are together.

The twirly girl was a reject, but I think I could get her to fit if I decide to keep her. The giraffe is not supposed to be a reject but I am not sure that there is enough room for him.There are only two left facing rows, and they have a variety of animals already.

I also forgot to show the original bird I made for the quilt.  I had also rejected this one, but now I am wondering if I should make room on the quilt for all of them. I made too many on purpose, so that I could take out the ones that wouldn't work. What do you think - which ones would you reject? Or move around?

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Tanya said...

Hey! The more the merrier! I wouldn't take anyone out!

Lorna McMahon said...

They all look like they are having such a wonderful time in the parade. I agree with Tanya.... Let everyone stay!

Laura Chaney said...

Another vote here to let everyone stay!

inchworming said...

Looks like they all belong just the way they are!

Allie-oops Designs said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this quilt - I wouldn't leave any out at all, they're all too good!!! You'll just need to make more to even them up. *G*

Quilter Kathy said...

I would not reject any... all are welcome at a parade... so fun!