Friday, September 23, 2016

More Zinnia Visitors

I have shown you the bees, ladybugs, and swallowtail butterfly that came to visit my zinnias this summer.  Recently, I've had other visitors come for a visit.  Each one of these visitors was harder and harder to photograph. Luckily, the photography got progressively more difficult, just like a photography classroom.

First, a reminder of the swallowtail. This one was easy to photograph. It moved slowly from flower to flower and gave me plenty of time to get the camera ready. I had so many pictures, I made a collage to show you last time.

Then came the monarch. It moved quickly from flower to flower, but it did rest long enough on each flower so I could photograph it. This one was a little more difficult, but I still had plenty of good pictures to decide which one to show you.

Then came the giant swallowtail.  It would not stop moving at all, and went away after a short time. It flapped its wings the entire time. I was able to get a clear shot, but it is hard to tell that this is a bigger butterfly.

Then a hummingbird came to visit!  It was the hardest to photograph, since it too kept moving and since I was inside the house when I spotted it. I took this picture through the window.

 I also saw several spiderwebs when I went out to cut the grass, but I didn't look for the spiders. We've been feeding this grass, so it is growing faster than usual.

I am in the habit of taking really closeup shots of things in my garden to make sure people don't see all the weeds and mess that is out there.  But this year, there are fewer flower beds so it is easier to maintain, and the zinnias have been profuse so there are fewer weeds. I can show you the full shot.

This is my garage that has access from the alley. There are zinnias near the fence on the right side.  There is one rose bush there and morning glories are now flowering against the fence. There are more zinnias against the back yard on the left side.  There are also zinnias on the other side of the garage so I can see them from my back door, and another small zinnia bed near the steps by the back door.

I've been adding background pieces to my Star Wars quilt. I'll show you when I am finished.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I think you have given me an idea to kill the narrow strip of grass on one side of my driveway and plant zinnias there next year.

Kaja said...

Wow, your zinnias are fantastic! I'm also envious of all the beautiful butterflies that visit you - there's only one place in this country to see swallowtails but you have them right in your garden.

Tanya said...

How nice to visit your garden! Your insect visitors are all beautiful and you did a fantastic job of photographing them!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Wow beautiful pics!!!! Your garden is incredible!

gayle said...

I love zinnias - such a happy burst of color!
Wonderful butterfly pictures! I've never been that successful at it, so I really appreciate what beauties you've captured.

Ann said...

Zinnias always grew well in hot, dry Texas when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing this good memory and for linking with Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.

Monica said...

Beautiful photos, Shasta! You must love seeing those zinnias every time you come home. :D

June D said...

Beautiful variety!