Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pink Day

It is pink day over at So Scrappy, so I am scrambling to find pink things to show you. First up, this beautiful azalea I photographed last week, right after  I showed you the azalea from last month.  It doesn't look as good this week, so it is a good thing I took the pictures when I did.

I'm still working on the On Ringo Lake quilt mystery, sewing the rows of blocks and sashing together  I really like the way I can use the bed as a design floor, so now I have a design bed. Not so much bending, but I do have to go up and down the stairs to get from the sewing machine to the bed and back.

The flowers are so showy, they are hiding all the leaves.

Oh there's the leaves!

Besides the On Ringo Lake quilt, I have joined a crazy quilting class with Kathy Shaw. They are free and quarterly, but there is a limited sign up window and I missed it last quarter, so I've decided to give it a go now since I managed to be there at the right place and time.   I've gathered up my supplies.  I don't really like this combination of supplies, but I will adapt it with time. It is going to be mostly peach/pink and green. . Even though the photo doesn't show a lot of pink, it still fits the theme.

Speaking of pink/peach, Bonnie asked for melon/coral, but here is some pink from my On Ringo Lake quilt so I can properly register for Pink Day!

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 So Scrappy! All the pink projects are so beautiful this week!


Allie-oops Designs said...

That's the kind of azalea we had growing outside our front door where I grew up, that thing would bloom like mad all summer long - mum always poured the coffee grounds on it in the morning. I would pick a little branch and put it in a tiny vase on my dresser. So beautiful!

Marly said...

Lovely azaleas. My "On Ringo Lake" is also not finished. I think you're further than I am; I haven't touched it since January. Enjoy the Crazy Quilting class; I did!

Katie said...

I love "design bed"...definitely easier than a floor! The azalea is beautiful. I have a red one that has been neglected and probably needs a little pruning, but I'm waiting till after it blooms to do that - now that it has leaves at least i know which branches need to go!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hooray! for a bit of PINK. :o))

Kyle said...

Those flowers make the air turn pink too!

Emily said...

I've been really interested in that crazy quilting class and am interested to hear how you like it. I almost signed up for this session but decided to wait. I hope you enjoy it!