Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hurry Up and Rest

I was able to schedule a day off today. The plan was to take College Girl to school, but she wanted to go yesterday. So we woke up early Saturday and trekked her off to school before work.

Today I am trying to relax, and catch up on all the housework that has been waiting for me. I have a big stack of library books I checked out that keep coming due, but I have no time to even look through them. I think I should probably return them all at one time, and get them later so I don't have to worry about late fees.

And it snowed again, so I have more shoveling to do.

Last week, my other job called. The one I work at during the spring and the fall. The prep work for the spring project starts this week. I'm sure it is a crazy move, but I said yes. I'll have to work it in with all my free time. LOL

I know this post sounds awful stressed, but it is a good stress. I am enjoying what I am doing so far, and I do enjoy the other job as well. And I especially like having money to pay the big bills that are coming in, especially my VISA bill from my free-after-rebate splurges during the holidays.

And my week hasn't been completely non-quilty. I won these fat quarters over at Carolyn's Ohio Quilter's Journey. Thank you so much Carolyn. They are so bright and cheery. I'm going to leave them out so I can look at them, and imagine the fun I will have quilting in the summer.


Leslie said...

That bookshelf of titles is so intriguing... and 'eclectic'. I love browsing the library, always come home with more than I can read in a month. But they can be renewed online, so that makes it easy. Sometimes I wish I didn't need so much sleep! :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shasta,
Congrats on your win! Those are vibrant colors; certainly will chase any winter grays away.
:) Karlie

Lyndal said...

hi Shasta...thanks for dropping by mags and me...glad to find your does sound busy for you but at least you make time for crafty goodness...dont worry about the library books just check them out again...