Friday, November 4, 2011

Threading the Loom

My sister, mother and I went to London England for a week. It was a last minute decision to see the relatives. Two of my mother's sisters and her brother live there, and we managed to see all of them. We also took my daughter out for a day of sightseeing, and deliver some sweaters to her so she can keep warm this winter.It was incredible hearing her voice, my heart felt so much lighter and all felt right in the world. The return trip was difficult, going more than three thousand miles away from her.

Our sessions of the weaving class is finished, but the teacher said we could keep coming until we are finished with our first projects. All the threads have been loaded onto the drum on the loom for my denim rug. I am in the process of threading all the heddles. Luckily, the eye of these heddles is much bigger than a sewing needle. This week, I will be madly cutting denim strips to make the rug, because I believe that I will be able to actually start weaving.


Bridget said...

How interesting this is to me, because I have just inherited a treadle loom. I know nothing about it at all and hope it may stay at our local weaving center while I take lessons.

I have a load of jeans, so a denim rug might be just the ticket.

Many thanks for your post.

Hedgehog said...

How cool that you're learning to weave - I am, too! I've made two small rugs and just set up the loom for a pair of scarves. Have fun - and keep posting the photos!