Monday, October 24, 2011

Weaving Update

The first step in weaving, after choosing your colors, is to measure the yarn / cord/ thread. Instead of cutting 30 threads the same length, and tying them on, it is easier to use a mill. This keeps them all in the correct sequence and keeps them from getting tangled. I have finished this step. The photo is not my project. I used a stationary mill, this one twirls around, making it easier to handle longer threads.

The second step is to chain the threads together, and take them to the loom. This is my project, and I just finished this step.

The threads are then divided in the rattle. This preserves the spacing of the quilt, so it will be as wide as you want your project to be. I had some difficulty, and got my threads tangled up, but I think it has been worked out. The next step is to roll the threads onto the roller thingie. I haven't finished this part yet, but I will try to get the name of this for next time.

Then the threads will have to be threaded into these thingies. After that, we will finally be finished with setting up the loom. The actual weaving part goes much faster. It is setting up the loom that is very slow.

It is a lot of fun, and we are still enjoying the progress.


Barb said...

Wow - this is fascinating. I lived near a woman who had 2 looms on her sunporch. It is such a cool craft
Have Fun!

Tanya said...

Wow... What a lot of work to just set up a loom. I only think of just sitting there and passing the woof (or is it the warp) back and forth.
I have a friend who did silk weaving for kimono for many years. She said the threads would come to her all set up because someone had spent months threading them... She spent another year or two weaving the kimono designs into the material. She prefers to knit nowadays.