Saturday, October 8, 2011


Columbus, Ohio

I promised myself that I would write more frequent posts on this blog, and I broke that promise almost as soon as I made it. Oh well, you will have to put up with sporadic posts as usual. At least, it will save you from boring posts!

I have been writing articles that will be written under someone else's pen name. I think most of them are filler articles that will be published online, to keep people on their website, with hyperlinks to those things that will bring them money. They tell us the topics, and the approximate size of the article. The people who completed the optional review have been happy with the articles I have written. I have always dreamed about being a published author, and now that dream is coming true, even if someone else is getting credit for it. It is a great start, and is giving me some confidence and practice in writing. I am learning what topics are popular, and since some articles require research, I am learning quite a bit. Hopefully, I can venture forth and eventually become published in my own (pen) name.

All that writing makes it hard to stay on the computer to write blog posts.

There were many people who were ready to start setting up their looms for weaving this week, so I watched as they set up, and helped my sister do some of her set up. Some of it is really difficult for one person to do by herself. We were talking about how wonderful it is to simply look at the room. All the beautiful threads lined up on the shelf, the wonderful finished projects displayed on the walls and from the ceilings, and the many works in process on the many looms provide a great deal of eye candy. It is crowded and cluttered but that just adds to the atmosphere.

I have decided to keep my denim rug simple, and use light and dark blue threads for the warp. The warp is the lengthwise threads that hold the tension. I have started measuring it and preparing it for the loom by using on the mill. This is apparently an important first step in the process. The weft, that will be going under and over the warp will be the denim strips, which I have been cutting at home. I promise to show you as I go along.

My brother-in-law and nephew joined us this week while we walked along the river. It is a pleasant walk, a great place to ride a bike, and we even walked by the Mayor. I think they need to have places to eat along the walk though. There is one restaurant, but it is expensive, and we were hoping for something quicker and more appropriate for our walking attire.


Allie said...

Oh yes that is GREAT practice - congratulations! The only writing I'm ever up for is blog posts, and that's pretty iffy as it is, lol. I bet somebody with a food truck could make some money along that walk, hot dog vendors or whatever, looks like a great place!

Bridget said...

My aunt has passed on a loom to me. It is being freighted to our place as I write.

I look forward to reading more about weaving since I haven't a clue and want to learn more.