Saturday, November 23, 2013

Infinity Reveal

In less than a week, I have finished the red and white Infinity quilt.  I used a faux piped binding tutorial to add a little zing.  I had some difficulty in getting the two end pieces to line up right, and after a few tries I decided it was close enough. I am happy with it, although I probably should take it out the last seam and do a better job of turning over and securing the binding.  I hadn't thought about the binding when making the rounds of the quilt, and hated to lose a whole round with the binding.

It finishes at 9" x 9 3/4".  Here's how it looks on my wall.

I especially like the zing the diagonals make when looking at it from the computer chair.

Here's the label. I was going to make a small courthouse square, but I decided to mimic the "infinity" stripes. I should have used a fabric pen instead of a sharpie, but at least the info is there!

The red and white fabric has been used in this flag quilt which I made in 2010.

It has also been used in this spiderweb quilt, which is still unfinished. I have it pinned to some gray fabric, but I have now decided that red or white would be a better option. Hopefully this quilt will be finished this year.

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Tanya said...

Hi Shasta. I've just discovered your posts (I don't get to Bloglovin that often. Nice to see you back sewing. How great that you have a new sewing machine! Happy sewing!