Sunday, October 4, 2015

I've Been Making Tiles

The theme of the moment is Tiles, and I have been making lots of them.  I bought a bunch of ceramic tiles to use as a kitchen backsplash, and instead of putting them up as is, I got the bright idea to randomly paint stencil designs on them. I figured random would help if I ran out of a particular color of paint or had trouble with a particular stencil.  I've decided to limit the color palette to blues and greens. There are 25 octagon tiles for each sheet (about a square foot), and 33 sheets.  Please don't do the math. Let's just say it is a lot of stenciling, but it is easy to paint using a stencil. Right now, they are spread out all over the house to dry.

I've also been making the Islamic tile quilt I mentioned in my last post.  It is going well, but I am only working a few minutes a day on it. I caught up with all of the episodes of Orange is the new Black, so I should now have more time to work on cleaning and quilting.

In other news, I have been getting lots of free stuff in the mail.  I signed up to review products in exchange for a review. I knew it was easy to get books, but I didn't know how to get products.  But now, I know that there are lots of legit sites that do link you up with the people who want their products reviewed.  So far, I have received a selfie stick, Aloe Vera gel, a fancy shower head, and  a strap to prevent snoring.  It is interesting and fun to be able to try out new things you wouldn't think of trying.  And so far, they are high quality products that are worth getting.

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Soma @ said...

Stencil is a great idea. Those tiles look wonderful!